Dwyane Wade informs Bulls he's picking up option

Bulls and here he is an option, Follow Blog a Bull online:

Chicago Bulls Enjoy this last day of freedom.

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The Chicago Bulls start playing basketball again tomorrow, and the shackles of sadness are ready to lock you up. The Bulls might be getting healthier, but their games are getting harder.

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After a relatively easy four-game stretch out of the break, the Bulls schedule will gradually become more difficult. As records currently stand, the Bulls will have 15 of their 27 games against above.

A Bulls roster reset as they are officially in their offseason

While it might be in the Bulls best interest to try and grab one of those top-three lottery odds, pulling it off might actually prove quite difficult. Moving on … From here until, well, it happens, the Chicago Bulls front office shake-up will be the talk of the town. Bulls fans across the globe are crossing their fingers that the Reinsdorfs finally bring in a fresh face to run basketball operations.

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However, the question now is how much power can this fresh face have if the old face is still lurking in the distance? Very interested to see what happens with his player option this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will he sit out and pick up the PO? With that said, the free agent market this offseason is pretty darn week.

Hey, maybe he can go-off upon his return though and spark some last-second interest? Never say never. Otto Porter Jr. WGNNews Bulls pic.

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Jim Boylen has been an NBA head coach for games. Color me surprised. I guess it just goes to show, a college coach can always be a gamble.

Here’s Why Dragic is a Trade Option for Bulls

GarPax must be fired. Michael Reinsdorf single-handedly has the power to change the Bulls franchise for the better. He could become an instant hero in the eyes of many Bulls fans if he simply listens to their pleas. The first 5 questions are about the front office.

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Other subjects welcomed. Yes, yes it does.

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If you have a problem, take it up with him.