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Copying advisor deals. 5 Financial Advisor Lead Magnets that make prospects go HECK YEAH!

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Pleased to meet you! I do weekly newsletters on financial advisor lead generation and they are fun and highly irreverent.

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You can finish reading the blog below, or you can scroll to the end and listen to the podcast which is highly entertaining. The basics on lead magnets for financial advisors What is a lead magnet?

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It is a document that is gated, meaning that the user has to input their information usually email address in order to download it. This allows the owner of the content to build their prospect email base. Lead magnets can be very helpful to the financial advisor sales funnel. Sales funnel, you say? Learn more about financial advisor sales funnels in this video below.

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If your lead magnet is especially thought provoking and insightful it can help do some of the selling for you by making a great first impression. It can make the prospect feel curious about the financial advisor and be compelled to learn more or even meet him or her. What makes a good lead magnet?

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Here are some general guidelines. Give them enough information that they feel you are an authority, but not the whole thing. Make sure to cover material that other financial advisors do not. You will have to do some work here, but the great part is that the competition has made them freely and publicly available to avail yourself of. Start downloading!

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You know, the retirement calculator? The Social Security worksheet, etc.

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When I first started my business, I launched a YouTube channel at the same time. I had a few great lead magnets that solidified by subscriber base and led many of my first clients to find me.

The videos I was making were about how to pass the CFA exam and there were also many tutorials about how to model stocks in Excel. In these videos, I offered a free CFA planner and a free set of sample research models.

5 Financial Advisor Lead Magnets so prospects go HECK YEAH!

As of the time trading terminal options writing this blog, people still come to me in hot pursuit of these lead magnets.

The reason was that I dug down deep. The CFA study planner featured a day by day map of what to do in the months preceding the exam. The Excel models were basics but still offered a high level of sophisticated technical information from my past days as a research analyst. They were solid, well thought out, high quality lead magnets. It took me some time to create them, but it paid off cumulatively year over year and as of today it still does.

Why financial advisors tend to wrongfully shy away from lead magnets Some financial advisors object to lead magnets, saying they are not comfortable providing that much free information to someone before they become a copying advisor deals. Within this assumption lies the doubt that the prospect will become compelled to become your clients as a result of receiving the lead magnet. Your lead magnet is far less likely to fail its goal of converting the random downloader into a solid lead if the person reading it says this to themselves: HECK YEAH this is a great article.

Who wrote this?

At the risk of putting them to sleep, I would at least attempt to explain our page Financial Advisor Compensation Plan. The result? My clients told me they greatly appreciated my attempt to provide transparency in an extremely nontransparent business. My clients trusted me and that was the most important thing to me.

That is the one financial advisor out there who is worthy of my respect. I learned something new today. I really appreciate the financial advisor who wrote this. I should email them and thank you.

If you follow the financial press in Canada and elsewhere, you have heard that robot- advisory is positioned as the future of financial advice and a better way for consumers to invest their savings. It consists of investment firms using technology to manage investment portfolios, offering some degree of standardized investment portfolio advice, no personalized advisor relationship and low fees. The investment portfolios are built using index style products called exchange-traded funds ETFs and a passive investing approach. You can even do all this from your computer at home.

I never have had someone explain this technical concept to me so clearly. What an awesome financial advisor this person must be. So as a result they wind up being the same old BS retirement calculator or social security worksheet.

So to you who want to create lead magnets that actually work, my advice is to do the deal, financial advisors. Do the freaking deal.

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Get the deal copying advisor deals right there with the lead magnet by taking some time and making it go beyond what everyone else is doing. You can go to their websites and down load the things.

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By the way, if you are digging my style then please check out my membership which offers access to my exclusive content about online marketing strategies for financial advisors.

You are making their jobs way easier and they may not contact you. Instead, I would outline the key challenges people who handle social security on their own commonly have. This allows you to build up some fear in the mind of the reader. Try creating this as a video in addition to a downloadable blog and include a glossary in it as well. Create some type of a sample emotional money journal and make it interesting by including a horoscope each month.

Suzanne Siracuse asks the questions nobody else asks, as influencers and interviewer collide in her new and truly unique podcast series The Big Reveal. The Brighthouse Financial Insights Panel is a group of leading, independent experts providing powerful insights into the big challenges facing you and your clients. Equipping independent financial advisors with the tips, insights, and knowledge needed to evolve in every aspect of his or her life Powering Independence Podcast, insights and ideas for RIAs, presented by Dynasty Financial Partners. A podcast dedicated to presenting fresh ideas and best practices for the wealth management industry. Our goal is to unlock the challenges to reveal the opportunities and what it means to provide advice in the 21st century.

Example: November — Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Turn their heads! This is a good way to catch prospects who are ticked off at their current financial advisor. This is so copying advisor deals out.

Design the budget for a particular event like getting your first mortgage, buying a house, or affording a wedding. In fact, present a few models for these events.

How to Kill a Robo-Advisor | Why People are Coming back to Personal Financial Advisors

Get a few sample budgets to show variety and make sure they display the nuances relevant to the event. This one is an SEO play. This will obviously attract people who are looking for a financial advisor in your area. For this lead magnet, include a list of really juicy questions that the reader will appreciate because they allow them to get a sense of the quality of the person they are having the meeting with.

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People love when you give them practical tools that they can use to take action. Conclusion on financial advisor lead magnets Speaking of practical and actionable tools, did you download my e-book yet? It will teach you how to reach new clients on LinkedIn without sounding like a washing machine salesperson.

If you are a copying advisor deals advisor trying to meet new clients over LinkedIn or other social media sites, you can download it here. Or, are you ready to get started with some copying advisor deals and fun marketing online marketing techniques?

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