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    As in so many areas of modern life, these days you need only hop online to find a platform through which you can easily open an account and get started today.

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    Below we profile the top 13 investment platforms for sustainable investment. Investments: Equities shares in a companybonds types of loan agreementsor sometimes both Annual fee: 0.

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    Each one is awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal, with gold having the highest ability to bring about positive change. If you are new to investing, a ready-made bundle is an easy way to invest in multiple positive impact areas.

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    If you have some knowledge of investing or just want to invest in specific areas such as climate funds and fancy putting together an investment package yourself, you can also pick your own funds.

    Investments: Direct loans to projects and businesses, secondary market Annual fee: None Good Egg company Abundance is a niche platform focusing on peer-to-peer lending for businesses and councils that are developing green infrastructure to help combat climate change.

    At CIP, city leaders will pitch projects to panels of investors who will offer feedback on the projects' investability. The Cities Investment Platform CIPlaunched at WUF10, aims to bring together cities and investors, foster new partnerships and provide support towards making sustainable urbanization investable. CIF is a programme at UN-Habitat with the goal of capacitating local and regional governments in areas of project preparation, capital mobilisation and standard setting.

    The returns investment platform 10 can expect vary a fair bit too. Typically, returns on crowdfunding sites like Abundance are higher than on traditional investment platforms but that comes with higher risk such as the infrastructure project or business struggling or failing.

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    The platform allows you to trade some of the loans known as debentures with other Abundance investors which is good for diversification. Investments: Investment funds, company shares, trusts, exchange traded funds ETFsbonds Annual fee: 0. Importantly, it is one of the more competitively priced platforms too.

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    A caveat to this low fee is other investment types like stocks and bonds incur an additional one per cent platform charge. The annual price of the platform is a bit higher than other low cost options at 0.

    The platform does feel like it is geared towards a more seasoned investor and it is not big on information around sustainable investing.

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    It is not as friendly a website for the beginner investor as some of the other platforms on this list, but displaying the top ten holdings for each fund in a colourful chart is a plus. Investment platform 10 most platforms offering a wide range of investment options, Charles Stanley also offers model portfolios of pre-selected funds, known as the Foundation Portfolios, which will have a diverse basket of investments in them.

    The platform does not yet offer a solely sustainable option, however.

    It offers crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, which means you can invest directly in projects such as affordable housing. Like Abundance, Ethex allows you to invest in peer-to-peer loans through a tax efficient Innovative Finance ISA, which you can open on the website as you invest. Ethex also offers some funds through its platform: sustainable funds only of course! Ethex investors can use a marketplace to trade eligible shares and bonds with others on the platform.

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