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Indeed the domain Forexspiderbot.

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But most of it is shallow We felt as if the trading robot spider 2 reviews was just skimming through the content without going into great detail in describing why customers should purchase Forex Spider Bot. Alex Tanuka runs a company known as Forex Pacific Inc, and has been actively releasing new trading systems into the marketplace. The location of this company is Singapore, although no full address was provided to help us identify the exact location of the company.

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Alex has also included a support email as a means through which prospective users can reach him. However, he uses the same email address for all his products. He says that this Forex robot was built with a stable and reliable algorithm which waves a profit net like a spider. He also states that this automated system is so easy to get started with.

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Customers only need to set it up in 5 minutes so they can start making money immediately. Forex Spider Bot is also designed with the user in mind.

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However, Alex did not clarify what they meant by saying that this robot had a 3-term algorithm technology. On top of practice of options, they never elaborated what they meant by saying that Forex Spider Bot has a feature called easy hedging control.

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Click the banner below to get started now. Monitoring and self-correction are a hallmark of this trading system. This is according to the developer who seems to be very comfortable making one claim after the other without being bothered to prove their statements.

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Yes, we mean that each time you open this website, you will always get an alert message telling you how time is limited, and that the offer will expire a few hours from then. You can prove it yourself by visiting the site now and later on to see if the offer is still on.

In our opinion, the Forex Spider Bot is the cheapest expert advisor that we have ever reviewed in this blog. Do you find it ridiculous that a robot that costs almost nothing can change your life?

Forex Spider Bot trading performance We do have major issues with the way Tanuka is presenting trading results. It won 25 out of 26 trades.

But we know that such a high win rate is not possible to achieve on a consistent basis. On the same screenshot, Alex alleged that Forex Spider Bot opened 22 trades and won 21 of them. This would have been impressive only if those results were verified and valid.

Trades lot value of 0. Works on any timeframe. The indicator now includes a forecasting module!!!!. If you want to stop annoying messages use this expert together with the purchased paid indicator "V-Scale Live Trainer". Manual trading only.

But you see, the problem with Tanuka is that he is just showing us screenshots of supposed trading performance. There is no real verifiable trading performance results to prove that what Tanuka is portraying in these screenshots is the absolute truth.

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But as you can see, data that was collected over a period of 24 hours is a very small sample of information to deal with. This period of trading fell between April 27th to May 28th This sounds quite impressive. Unfortunately, it is not how we verify trading performance of robots in Legitimate trading systems are being tested for months and even years while documenting every single trade activity that was placed in the Trading robot spider 2 reviews market.

These vendors never rely on screenshots to communicate their messages since screenshots are prone to cheating and manipulation. In short, the results that Alex Tanuka is presenting to us are not at par.

Forex Spider Bot Review: Is Alex Tanuka Selling Scam?

We needed more proof of performance to make us believe that this expert advisor is really good at its job. He is instead relying on mere allegations as a means of validating this product.

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Alex options podcast only being a good salesman. You can take this to the bank. Our best advice for you It is disturbing that Alex Tanuka is still relying on screenshots to show trading results while his counterparts are doing so using verified myfxbook accounts. While we are not after discrediting his work entirely, we still feel that rating this product with a 2 star is a big favor.

The truth is: Forex Spider Bot does not have real, verifiable trading performance to make purchase decisions based on. So we are not going to recommend it for now. Instead, we will just ask our readers to choose these trading systems.