Consistent profits over extended periods of time. Trend meets Martingale

Trend trading robots


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    Stay in line with the trend, with the addition of multiplier functionality Consistent profits over extended periods of time. Trend meets Martingale A great starting point for investors wanting a bot that works trend, price action and with optional Martingale system.

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    This robot trades the trend, but features a modified Martingale strategy that can be enabled and disabled, in which positions are opened according to a moving average, and an RSI indicator. Add to this risk management, and you have a very powerful, yet simple to use Forex robot.

    No doubt as it was one of our first brainchilds that gave us consistent profits over long periods.

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    This is the first robot that includes our whirlwind feature, which changes the direction of the current trade in a Martingale sequence. This means you will have a bot that always follows the trend, whether you have activated the Martingale functionality or not.

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    Trades are opened on the basis of a moving average, unless overbought and oversold, in which case a reversal is expected. You set the desired reversal levels with the RSI.

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    Also, you can define individual take profit and stop loss trend trading robots for each trade in a Martingale sequence. This is revolutionary, as it allows you to increase number of winning trades, by simply operating with a take profit level lower that stop loss on trade one in a trade sequence.

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    You also get risk management in function of maximum number of allowed losing trades.