How Does the Internet Work?

Internet work. How does the Internet work?


    Research at NPL confirmed establishing a common host protocol would be more reliable and efficient. The definition of an internetwork today includes the connection of other types of computer networks such as personal area networks. To build an internetwork, the following are needed: [2] A standardized scheme to address packets to any host on any participating network; a standardized protocol defining format and handling of transmitted packets; components interconnecting the participating internet work by routing packets to their destinations based on standardized addresses. Another type of interconnection of networks often occurs within enterprises at the Link Layer of the networking model, i.

    We'll use that as an example of how data travels across the Internet. First, you open your Web browser and connect to our Web site.

    When you do this, your computer sends an electronic request over your Internet connection to your Internet service provider ISP.

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    The ISP routes the request to a server further up the chain on the Internet. Eventually, the request will hit a domain name server DNS. Advertisement Advertisement This server will look for a match for the domain name you've typed in such as www.

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    If it finds a match, it will direct your request to the proper server's IP address. If it doesn't find a match, it will send the request further up the chain to a server that has more information.

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    The request will eventually come to our Web server. Our server will respond by sending the requested file in a series of packets. Packets are parts of a file that range between 1, and 1, bytes.

    Packets have headers and footers that tell computers what's in the packet and how the information fits with other packets to create an entire file. Each packet travels back up the network and down to your computer. Packets don't necessarily all take the same path -- they'll generally travel the path of least resistance.

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    That's an important feature. Because packets can travel multiple paths to get to their destination, it's possible for information to route around congested areas on the Internet.

    Introduction How does the Internet work?

    In fact, as internet work as some connections remain, entire sections of the Internet could go down and information could still travel from one section to another -- though it might take longer than normal. When the packets get to you, your device arranges them according to the rules of the protocols. It's kind of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

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    The end result is that you see this article. This holds true for other kinds of files as well.

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    When you send an e-mail, it gets broken into packets before zooming across the Internet. Phone calls over the Internet also convert conversations into packets using the voice over Internet protocol VoIP.

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    We can thank network pioneers like Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn for these protocols -- their early work helped build a system that's both scalable and robust. That's how the Internet socpublic earnings on the Internet reviews in a nutshell.

    A simple network When two computers need to communicate, you have to link them, either physically usually with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly for example with WiFi or Bluetooth systems. All modern computers can sustain any of those connections.

    As you look closer at internet work various devices and protocols, you'll notice that the picture is far internet work complex than the overview we've given.

    It's a fascinating subject -- learn more by following the links on the next page.