Investment fundamentals

Investment fundamentals financial markets, Investment: Fundamentals and Finance


    About this Course 75, recent views In this course, we will discuss fundamental principles of trading off risk and return, portfolio optimization, and security pricing.

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    We will study and use risk-return models such as the Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM and multi-factor models to evaluate the performance of various securities and portfolios. Building upon this framework, market efficiency and its implications for patterns in stock returns and the asset-management industry will be discussed.

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    Finally, the course will conclude by connecting investment finance with corporate finance by examining firm valuation techniques such as the use of market multiples and discounted cash flow analysis. The course emphasizes real-world examples and applications in Excel throughout.

    The over-arching goals of this course are to build an understanding of the fundamentals of investment finance and provide an ability to implement key asset-pricing models and firm-valuation techniques in real-world situations.

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