Option specification is

For example, a list element with opt-name background specifies an option that can be specified on the command line using the long option --background.

Minimum price movement tick size and value See applicable tick size table [1] Option style American style Holders of long positions are entitled to exercise their options before or on the expiration date. Expiry months Weekly; 1, 2, 3 monthly; 6, 9, 12 months quarterly of the March, June, September, December cycle ; 18, 24 months half yearly of the June, December cycle and 36, 48, 60 months yearly of the December cycle. See the document "Expiry Months Listed Per Class" in "Related documentation" to find out which expiry months are listed per class. Introduction of new exercise prices and exercise price intervals See the document "Euronext Series Introduction Policy for Individual Equity Option Contracts" in "Related documentation" to find the series introduction policy. Introduction of new expiry months New expiry months are available for trading on the first business day after the expiry of a maturity.

Further information about the option — whether it takes a value, whether it is required to be present in the command line, and so on — is specified by the option properties. In the example of the preceding section, we already saw that a long option name can have a equivalent short option character.

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The value property specifies whether an option requires or accepts a value. If the value property is set to t, the option requires a value: getopt-long will signal an error if the option name is present without a corresponding value.

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If set to f, the option does not take a value; in this case, a non-option word that follows the option name in the command line will be treated as a non-option argument. If the option name for an option with ' value optional is immediately followed in the command line by another option name, the value for the first option is implicitly t.

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The required? If the required? Finally, the predicate property can be used to constrain the possible values of an option.

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If used, the predicate property should be set to a option specification is that takes one argument — the proposed option value as a string — and returns either t or f according as the proposed value is or is not acceptable.

If the predicate procedure returns f, getopt-long will signal an error. By default, options do not have single-character equivalents, are not required, and do not take values.

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Where the list element for an option includes a value property but no predicate property, the option values are unconstrained.