What is an investment platform?

Investment platforms are

Video: how investment platforms work Our video guide to investment platforms explains how they work.

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What does 'execution only' mean? The Financial Conduct Authority describes 'execution only' as a 'transaction executed by a firm upon the specific instructions of a client where the firm does not give advice on investments relating to the merits of the transaction and in relation to which the rules on assessment of appropriateness do not apply. A broker will not recommend products based on your personal circumstances, and will only give you information that could help inform your decision.

What investments can I buy on a platform?

Find out more Impartial, market-leading intelligence daily to help you make confident investment decisions. Fair, flat fees mean you get to keep more of your money and achieve your goals sooner. Award-winning support team, and full FSCS protection. Find out more Disclaimer The list of investment platforms providers on this page is a selection of services available and gives you an idea of the kind of options available.

Some investment platforms will only offer unit trusts and OEICs open-ended investment companies. But many others also offer access to stock-exchange listed investments, such as sharesinvestment trusts, and exchange-traded funds.

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Bear in mind that some platforms such as Vanguard offer a more restricted range of investments. Make sure you know what's on offer before investment platforms are an account. What products can I use on an investment platform?

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Interest from corporate bonds and gilts, and from funds that invest in these assets, is tax-free. There is no capital gains tax on any investment profits within either Isas or Sipps. You can find details of which platform offers what on our individual platform reviews. Outside of these tax-efficient accounts, you can also hold a general investment account, useful if you've used up your Isa allowances.

What is a platform and what does it do?

Low cost, 'no frills' investment platforms There are more than 20 investment brokers in the UK, and, while all offer DIY investors 'execution-only' services without advice, some provide more than others when it comes to bells and whistles that might help you reach informed investment platforms are. Vanguard is a leading example of the no-frills approach. It offers a limited range of funds, very little advice, with all investments managed online.

In exchange, it charges extremely low fees.

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Other low-cost brokers, that offer share dealing as well as funds, include Halifax Share Dealingand Charles Stanley Direct. Premium platforms Alternatively, lots of brokers provide investment research and analytical tools to help you make decisions on which funds to buy.

Each offers a website rich with investment data and slick research tools. Other investment platforms are that premium investment platforms provide include example portfolios, fund suggestion lists and portfolio analysis tools. These platforms can still have markedly different costs and provide excellent value, so it's worth comparing between them.

The Top 5 BEST Investing Apps

Roboadvisers These offer a halfway house between investment platforms and traditional financial advice. Whilst you generally can't specify the exact investments you wish to hold, many platforms offer themed portfolios, for example of ethical investments or investments in technology. Established providers include Nutmeg, Wealthify and Wealthsimple, whilst Barclays has recently launched its own 'Plan and Invest' service.

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Some regular investment platforms offer blended funds for specific risk appetites, but you'll need to understand your own attitude to risk first. Find out more: compare investment platform fees What will I be charged for using an investment platform?

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When investing through a investment platform, the charges displayed by a fund manager are not the only ones to consider. Rules introduced in mean that investment platforms must now charge a separate fee for their services.

What is an investment platform?

These come in two forms: flat, fixed fees and percentage fees. Percentage fees This is a percentage of the value of the investments you hold. Many platforms reduce this fee as your portfolio gets larger. So, you may be charged 0. Others will reduce the fee altogether as you hit a higher tier of investments.

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Fixed fees Some brokers levy fixed annual fees in pounds and pence. Most aspects of using the services of these platforms will be chargeable - so you'll pay a fee to trade funds and shares, withdraw money and may face other account fees.

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Where can I read reviews of investment platforms? Our reviews tell you how the different companies charge - and how much - and this is complemented by our unique customer satisfaction ratings, in which over a thousand Which?

Use[ edit ] In many cases the investments purchased can then be held on the Platform in a range of tax efficient wrappers. Shares, bonds and a range of funds from different fund managers can be held in many of them. The investments that can be purchased via each Platform varies depending on the service provider. Many provide the opportunity to buy assets in-specie, which helps the investor to switch investment without unnecessary charges.

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