How to make money in the galaxy app

Published: Sunday, June 4,[IST] Are you looking for genuine and real ways to make money online without falling prey to any scam?

Fronto lock screen

If so, you might be trying to find out some websites for that purpose, do remember that not all websites are genuine in paying you. Did you even know that you can earn money through your smartphone?

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Well, it is possible to do so by installing how to make money in the galaxy app few apps on your smartphone. Now, don't have high hopes that these apps will help you maintain a hefty bank balance.

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It is just that these apps will give a little extra money that you can use for a movie ticket or dinner. To earn money using smartphone apps, you need a smartphone, immense free time, and the patience to wait for the ads to get over. Take a look at some apps that will help you earn money from down.

Earn money with these apps.

Fronto lock screen Fronto is an Android app that lets advertisements on the lock screen of your smartphone. The adverts can be articles, surveys or products that will be placed on the lock screen.

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Once you swipe left on the advert and follow the link, you will be paid. Download on Android Ladooo free recharge app Ladooo is one of the best options to get paid.

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The best thing with this app is that the reward rates they offer are very high. Ladooo is a quick and simple way to earn free recharge.


Just download the app, watch videos and trailers and complete simple surveys and polls. You can also participate in contests and win daily cash.

With this app, you can gas option get free mobile recharge within minutes.

All you need to start generating passive income online is your Android phone. Instead of spending an hour on social media every day, use the following apps to start making a couple of bucks instead.

Viggle If you cannot predict results of matches or shows, you can still watch them and earn money via Viggle. This app lets you gain reward points instantly by simply watching TV shows or listening to the music albums.

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This app requires you to just open the app and use it to watch any of your favorite shows. You will instantly get rewarded with points. You can also earn points by answering questions or voting for polls with the Viggle Live feature.

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace

You can redeem the points for gift cards on selected outlets. The app gives you the ability to earn up to Rs.

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The highlight is that this app pays you even if you dismiss the ad. By the end of the day, you will receive a notification letting you know the money you have earned via the app. If you happen to download a paid app, then you get a higher pay.

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The app also gives you alternatives such as watching videos or completing a simple survey to get paid. The pay is relatively low and you will be required to have a high-speed connectivity to download apps and follow the ads.

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Download for Android Scoopshot Scoopshot is an app that pays you for taking photos. With this app, you can take photos at an event happening in your area and share the photos so that the media journalists and even websites can use those photos.

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The idea is pretty good and different from other apps that pay you. Next time you are attending a major event, you can download this app on your smartphone to earn money.