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How to make a lot of money signs. 20 Signs You're Destined to Become a Millionaire

Many people who achieve a high net worth number find they somehow still lack the freedom it should provide.

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Since wealth is relative, so is freedom. It depends on where your money comes from in relation to where it goes and how much of it flows through either channel. It depends on how much time and energy you spend acquiring it, and whether you use it to buy things that will require more time and energy in the future — or return some of those to you.

A while ago, James Clear put out a great tweet on what true wealth — true freedom — looks like.

It’s about the freedom to choose your commitments.

I thought about his list of signs, and added some of my own. Think about which of these you want, which of them you already have, and who you know who exhibits these patterns. They have webinars at odd hours, sometimes involving up to 50 people, and they often fly halfway around the globe to listen to presentations for hours. As a result, my dad has to spend his nights and weekends doing the actual work of his job. That sucks.

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Being wealthy means not having to sit in a room with ten people, stare at countless slides for hours, and know nothing important is getting done. You can also delegate a lot in a handful of 5-minute chats.

Of course, as a freelancer or entrepreneur, you even get to pick those people yourself.

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You can choose to work with many people at one time, only few over the course over a year, or, in some careersno one at all. In any case, freedom means having to spend neither Friday night nor Monday morning with jerks.

Money is only attracted by a few people and here are the top 5 zodiac signs who are known to be money magnets. Find out who they are Written By Priyanka Mody reads Mumbai Updated: April 19, am TOP 5 zodiac signs who are money magnets and naturally attract wealth 21 When it comes to money and success, people say only some are destined. Well, when it comes to astrology, this fact can particularly be true. There are some who attract money while there are others who are less likely to. Now, this does not mean that the others will go broke all their lives but it is just the fact that some signs tend to be rich as they use all their mental and physical effort to only find wealth.

The problem with buying status is that it only lasts while you spend money. This can become an inescapable trap.

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The best way to not get caught up in status games? Never put on the cuffs. Now, make no mistake: Sometimes, saying no absolutely does have a price.

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Whatever you agree to will take time, space, and energy — none of which remain to be spent on other things. Wealth is using some of that time, space, and energy to pick your yeses carefully.

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They complain. They make conversation feel awkward. At work, the difference between a jerk and an energy vampire is that one you can try to avoid, while the other might show up unannounced. The worry of it happening will constantly hover over you like the Sword of Damocleswaiting to drop.

Getting yourself out of that position is a goal worth pursuing. Freedom is the means, not the end. In that sense, money and freedom are quite similar.

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All of this flexibility — of time, of people, of energy — is not how to make a lot of money signs to idle. To the contrary.

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Often, they have a lot of them, with a lot of responsibility too. Real wealth, real freedom, is about choosing said responsibilities and having the power to alter them at any given moment.

Some self-restriction is necessary.