Understanding How Options Are Priced

What affects the option price. Options Pricing- Key Factors & Impact on Option Premium Price

The Bottom Line Options can be used in a wide variety of strategies, from conservative to high risk. Key Takeaways Options are derivative contracts the right, but not the obligation, to buy for a call option or sell for a put option some asset at a pre-determined price on or before the contract expires. Options can be used for directional strategies or to hedge against certain risks in the market. Pricing an option relies on complex mathematical formulas, but the direct inputs into an option's price include the price of the underlying asset, the option's strike, time to expiration, interest rates, and implied volatility.

How Volatility Affects Option Prices How Volatility Affects Option Prices Volatility, a measure of how fast and how much prices of the underlying asset move, is key to understanding why option prices fluctuate and act the way they do. In fact, volatility is the most important concept in options trading.

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There are two kinds of volatility: implied volatility IV and historical or statistical volatility HV. Whereas HV measures the rate of movement in the price of the underlying asset, IV measures the price movement of the option itself. Another way of looking at it is that IV is the volatility implied by the market price of the option based on an option pricing model.

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In other words, it is the volatility that, given a particular pricing model, yields a theoretical value for the option equal to the current price. It usually rises when the markets are in downtrends and falls when the markets are in uptrends.

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Historical volatility HV : Also known as statistical volatility SVthis is a measurement of how fast prices of the underlying asset have been changing over time. Because HV is always changing, it has to be calculated on a daily basis. In general, the bigger the HV, the more an option is worth. Volatility can be difficult to grasp unless taken in small bites.

  • Impact of Interest Rates When interest rates increase, the call option prices increase while the put option prices decrease.
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  • As a result, time value is often referred to as an option's extrinsic value since time value is the amount by which the price of an option exceeds the intrinsic value.
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  • Interest rate Dividends and risk-free interest rate have a lesser effect.
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What affects the option price, trading software programs provide a great deal of the information needed to keep track of volatility. Bare-bones screening software is available for free from The Options Industry Council. For more sophisticated analysis, you have to spend some money. Many good options-trading programs are available.

Factors affecting Option Prices

Among the most popular programs is OptionVue 5 Options Analysis Software, which has just about everything you could want to analyze options and find trades. Many traders use OptionVue and consider it the benchmark program.

Email Email You can't know where you are going until you know where you've been. You can't price an option until you know what makes up its value. An options trade can become a complex machine of legs, multiple orders, adjustments, and Greeks, but if you don't know the fundamentals then what are you trying to accomplish? When you look at an option chain have you ever wondered how they generated all those prices for the options? These options are not created by random but instead calculated out using a model such as the Black-Scholes Model.