1. What is Mobile Money?

Make mobile money

Transfer money from one mobile to another 1. What is Mobile Money? How does Mobile Money transfer work?

Well, first we need to explain what it is. Mobile Money Transfer is a technology that allows you to send and receive money using a mobile make mobile money.

There are now more than different Mobile Money services around the world. They are most popular in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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According to the World Bankover 1. However, the majority of theses people do have a mobile phone. This makes it easier for them to have a Mobile Money account than a bank account. Mobile Money will work on any mobile phone. It uses your mobile phone number as your account number. Mobile Money services are usually not run by banks. Instead, they are operated by mobile phone networks or licensed independent payment service providers which are called mobile money operators.

Mobile Money services are usually cheaper than a bank account with no account opening or ongoing account keeping fees. In countries where Mobile Money is popular, it is just as good as having cash in your pocket only safer, cheaper and much easier to use. In fact, in some countries, Mobile Money has overtaken the banking system.

Mobile Money: Using Your Cell Phone To Transfer Funds

Mobile Money has changed the landscape of financial inclusion. Mobile Money has become an alternative way of making payments in developing countries, especially where a bank account can be expensive or difficult to open. They can be used anywhere where there is mobile phone coverage making it cheaper, more efficient and more reliable than make mobile money bank account.

You do not need a smartphone or internet access to use Mobile Money — it will work on the most basic mobile phone.

Each person has an account linked make money at home in one day their mobile phone number. Some of these measures have driven us to avoid direct contact with other people and have directed us to use digital payment options as an alternative for day-to-day transactions.

3 Ways to Make Mobile Money Work Worldwide

As a result, Mobile Money has become an attractive option for making payments. Several governments and retail businesses have discouraged the use of physical cash for making transactions. As we all know, cash transactions involve physical notes and coins being passed on from one person to another.

Studies have shown that notes and coins can spread bacteria and germs which could facilitate the spread of the COVID virus. Decreasing or ideally eliminating physical cash transactions could help stop the spread of bacteria and germs.

According to a World Economic Forum publication, the move away from cash is also strong in emerging markets with Africans being urged to switch to digital payment alternatives to reduce the coronavirus risks associated with exchanging cash.

Mobile Money: Small Business Ideas to Make Money on the Road

Girl sending money to Indian You are probably wondering 3. Does mobile money still work during a lockdown? Fortunately yes! All transactions are processed by the mobile phone network which is not affected by the lockdown or the virus.

How does Mobile Money transfer work?

Mobile Money services not only continue to work as usual but are also of a vital assistant in reducing exposure to COVID Although most countries have restricted operations in many sectors, Mobile Money can be used anywhere where there is mobile network coverage. Users can do everything they would typically do with cash including shopping, bill payment, online payments, transfers to family and friends or airtime top-up.

However, in some countries, the use of cash is restricted as a preventive measure to help reduce the spread of the virus. What is International Mobile Money Transfer? Mobile Money is not only a method of making payments and purchases in emerging markets but is also an alternative way of receiving make mobile money from friends and family abroad. International Mobile Money Transfer is where the money is sent from an overseas country directly to a Mobile Money account. Money is received instantly and is immediately available to use by the recipient or beneficiary in their own local currency.

Also known as International Mobile Money Remittance, it is an ideal method for transferring money to family and friends without leaving your home! How to send money overseas using Rocket Remit 1.

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Make sure your overseas beneficiary is registered with a compatible Mobile Money operator in the country in which the money will be received. Just have them contact their Mobile Money provider in their home country and follow the instructions to open an account.

By Stephanie Powers Updated Feb 21, Back inif you wanted to transfer money from one person to another, you used Western Union's telegraph the original text messaging service.

In many cases and account can even be opened directly on a mobile phone. You will need to have an Australian mobile number and an Australian address. To Register, click Sign up on the home page.

UnityLink Mobile Money Send money to your loved ones mobile wallet instantly.

Finally, you can send money online using our website, via our app or even by SMS. Within seconds your loved ones will receive the money via the Mobile Money service in the country in which they live.

African doctor sending money via Mobile Money 5. How does my recipient access the money? Within seconds of sending from Australia, the recipient will receive an SMS message informing them that they have received funds and can use the money. They then enter an access code to see their balance and use the money. There is no time limit for them to use the money, it will simply remain in their Mobile Money account until they wish to use it.

They can also check their balance at any time. Is Mobile Money Transfer Safe? Using Mobile Money is as safe as making a transfer through the banking system. Mobile Money make mobile money regulated and licensed by governments which makes sure your money is safe and protected.

A PIN or security code protects all transactions. Mobile Money works just like a simple bank account with all transactions details stored safely and securely. Also, all transactions are encrypted by the mobile phone network.

Is using Mobile Make mobile money cheaper than bank transfer? Usually, there are high costs associated with a bank account such as account opening fees, monthly maintenance fees, ATM fees, overdraft fees and or course transaction fees. It all depends on the make mobile money and the type of account. Just owning and maintaining a bank account costs money.

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This can be especially expensive in developing countries where customers often have to pay for their debit card. If they lose it which can happen a oly trade binary options there is also a options to make money quickly for a replacement card.

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Like I said before, everything varies according to the country, the bank and the type of account. Transferring money overseas can be confusing even for those who transfer money make mobile money regularly. Many people may still have trouble understanding how exchange rates work!

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The cost of sending money to a bank account will always be expensive for many reasons but the main reason is that they are not very efficient at processing overseas transactions they are not specialists at it.

Understanding how exchange rates work can be very complicated. If you want to understand how the currency exchange works in detail please read our other blog 5 Reliable Australian Money Exchange Methods 8.

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Which countries can I send money using Mobile Money? You can send money with Rocket Remit to more than 38 countries connected with the mobile money services We have the largest network of Mobile Money receiving countries from Australia and are one of the largest International Mobile Money remittance services in the world. We invented International Mobile Money Transfer and we will continue to expand our coverage to ensure that more people can send money to their loved ones in a quick, easy and safe way.

Here are some of the countries to which you can send money using Rocket Remit: Send money from Australia Rocket Remit helps you to support friends and family overseas, especially at this time of COVID where we may feel even more disconnected from them. Sending money is one way make mobile money we can help. About Rocket Remit We know many of you will send money home while in Australia.

Rocket Remit is the worlds fastest international money transfer service. Send money instantly to over 38 overseas countries at very competitive rates.

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