Here are the top Internet of Things companies to watch and potentially invest in 2020

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What can one do as an investor?

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Follow the evolution of the portfolio, investments on the Internet the information in an organized and secure manner Manage meetings of investees and monitor tasks Analyze the market, comparing your investees with other companies within the industry Create automated reports of investees Perform automated graphics information of these investees Inform LPs securely and centrally, through a corporate website Our products for investors About Us We are a group of entrepreneurs who have more than 15 years of experience creating and managing companies together.

The first of the companies that we founded and managed is dedicated to developing applications for market data management.

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Its customers include major banks and important international vendors, having initially received its capital through external Business Angels. From the very beginning, we aimed to facilitate transparency, allowing investors to feel informed about the developments of the company in order to be equally included.

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However after spending a lot of time over the years trying to maintain that level of communication, we looked for an easier and more affordable solution. Finding nothing on the market, and knowing that many other unlisted companies shared this need, we decided to use our know-how acquired in the development of platforms for financial data management and created the Private Investments Network platform.

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Now, Private Investments Network is already being used by other unlisted companies, as well as investors, as it facilitates a level of professionalization in the financing unlisted companies industry, improving transparency and communication between all stakeholders.

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