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Excellent copy tool, safe, fast and easy to use. Good attention, developer attends quickly. This robot was made in year and did a lot of profitbale trades during this period. There was many updates but update is the best one.

  • All you need to do is to select a successful trader and subscribe to the Signal.
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Robot doesn't show good results in tester or live account if you run incorrect sets. I call it the "Never Lose Again Strategy". You can select one of 20 signals to open a position and 5 of 20 filters to sort out the signals of the standard indicators included in the MetaTrader package.

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Besides, you can adjust the indicator parameters, select a timeframe, and specify a signal bar for each signal. OrdersComment - comment to order, automatic if an empty value is set. Lots - lot size. DepoPerLot - automatic lot calculation specify the balance per 0. TimeFrame - working timeframe. Symbol 2 - correlated currency.

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To determine the market entry, the EA uses the modern and ultra-light adaptive indicator FourAverage. Principle of position maintaining is similar to that of the popular Forex robot Ilan, using averaging.

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But unlike Ilan, Ilanis uses an accurate entry into the market. The Expert Advisor closes all positions when an equity value specified in percentage or deposit currency is reached. Equity is calculated as a difference between the current equity and the initial balance fixed when there are no positions or the balance at the very first start of the Expert Advisor.

There are notification functions: Alert, Mail, Sound, Mobile, display of information the current 10 USD Ilan Andrey Khatimlianskii Ilan for MetaTrader 5 Due to using the virtual trades, trading in both directions buy and sell simultaneously became possible. This allows users to adapt the popular strategy for MT5 copying transactions net accounting of positions applied by MetaTrader 5.

However, all the important settings of the strategy are available for adjusting. Its main peculiarity is a small amount of input parameters so MT5 copying transactions to facilitate the working process of users.

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The Neurolite EA will fine-tune all the parameters for you. The key element of this paradigm is the novel structure of the information processing system.

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It is composed of a large number of highly interconnected processing elements neurons working in unison to solve specific problems. ANNs, like people, learn by example. Trading Strategy Trading is based on the principle that the price has a wave nature, and it is often confined within a certain price range, which it may leave, but often returns to it.

This EA determines the moments when the price leaves a price range and, under certain conditions, opens a trade against the current movement and closes it when the price returns to the price range. It determines the difference between correlated contracts delta and opens a deal.

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Once the delta becomes zero, the deal is closed. It strongly not recommended to perform testing of the EA on a demo account, as the probability of receiving incorrect quotes is high. Note: choose a broker with the lowest spread or with the lowest commission per deal. The algorithm of the trading adviser captures reversal patterns and enters the market.

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StopLoss and TakeProfit are set automatically based on the volatility calculation and are taken from several model variants. The EA does not use averaging, grid and martingale, does not use scalping strategies, and is not sensitive to spread and slippage.

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The Edge Expert System works with 5-digit quotes. The bot is very easy to operate, you don't need to configure anything, set it up and work. Night scalping strategy.

  • Fast Copy is a program that allows you to copy transactions between different accounts of Metatrader 5 and Metatrader 4 in any direction and quantity quickly and easily.
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  • For copying deals, special software is used - the copier copier of MT4 or MT5 deals.
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Trading Strategy The system does NOT use dangerous strategies such trend trade averaging or martingale, but strictly adheres to the neural network instructions.

MT5 copying transactions instruments have already been selected and the parameters optimized making the robot ready to use. On each of the 15 symbols, the EA operates a trend-following strategy opening trades only in the direction of the moving average. Settings: Suitable for Timeframes up to H1 The parameters below can be set according to your trading rules.

Do you dream of an adviser who will automatically calculate trading parameters? Automatically optimized and tuned? The timeframe does not matter.

Each indicator uses up to five periods for calculating the trends.

The most flexible Trade Copier on the market!

The EA uses economic news to calculate the prolonged price movements. The EA has the built-in smart MT5 copying transactions profit taking filter. The robot has been optimized for each currency and timeframe simultaneously. If a trade moves in the wrong direction, the Zone Recovery algorithm begins.

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An alternating series of Buy and Sell trades at two specific levels take place, with two MT5 copying transactions Points above and beyond these levels. Once either of the two exit points is reached, all trades close with a combined profit or break even.

The following functions are supported: custom lot for copied trades, copying Stop Loss, Take Profit, use of trailing stop and much more. It copies all deals opened manually or by another Expert Advisor. It is possible to increase the lot size of the signals.

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Copies signals and increases the lot from signals! It is a fully automated robot, optimized using convolutional neural networks and tested on real accounts.

Decision-making is based on a variety of price and behavioral factors from stock markets around the world.

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Indicator-free Price Action Trading System Surfing EA - long-term trading strategy that looks for an signal candle to catch a trend wave. The news are downloaded from the Forex Factory website. Make sure to add the URL to the terminal settings. The EA is launched on a single chart and defines all necessary pairs for trading on its own. The robot works with pending orders setting two Buy stop and Sell stop orders before a news release. It determines the time zones of the calendar and terminal automatically.