CHAPTER 2 — Analog and Binary Signals

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The essential characteristic is that a single binary device can be in just one of two possible states. A wristwatch is digital because it shows time using definite digits, rather than positions of hands that have to be measured.

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It would be less correct to say "because it has a computer inside". There are many advantages to binary.

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  • The term digital signal has related definitions in different contexts.
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Here are four somewhat overlapping important reasons for using binary: Simple; easy to build. Unambiguous signals hence noise immunity. Flawless copies can be made.

what are binary signals

What are binary signals that can be represented with some sort of pattern can be represented with patterns of bits These characteristics of binary were realized by Claude Shannon, a mathematician at Bell Telephone Laboratories.

His paper A Mathematical Theory of Communication is the foundation of information theory and much of computer science.

what are binary signals

An analog signal may continuously change in value. Its values can be anything within a range of values, and its exact value at any time is important.

what are binary signals

The graph represents an audio signal. The exact value at each time is part of the information it contains. Analog signals usually continuously change their value.

The information they convey is contained in the exact value at any instant.

what are binary signals

Such a signal is called binary signal. Important Point: Computer memory of all types holds bit patterns, and nothing else. What those bit patterns represent depends on how they are used.

what are binary signals