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Identifying File Types

Unfortunately, many of them are not kept up to date and aren't fully compatible with bit Linux. They do exist for a variety of architectures, however, and are undoubtedly the most innovative single collection of tools for the purpose of hacking ELF binaries that exist today.

binary for linux

Because I personally am not really familiar with using the ERESI project's tools, and because they are no longer kept up to date, I will not be exploring their capabilities within this book. Throughout this book, we will be demonstrating the usefulness of many of these files.

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Here is a description of some of the commonly used ones throughout the book. This includes binary for linux executable, shared libraries, stack, heap, VDSO, and more.

This is even more tricky if you want to use modern compilers and features, which is especially desired in game development.

This file is critical for being able to quickly parse the layout of a process address space and is used more than once throughout this book. That is, it is a raw dump of memory that is presented in the form of an ELF core file that can be used by GDB to debug and analyze the kernel.

The Linux file command will quickly tell you what type of file it is. Identifying File Types Files usually have characteristics that allow software packages to identify which type of file it is, as well as what the data within it represents. This might be a few signature bytes at the very beginning of the file.

It contains every symbol for the entire kernel. For those of you who are into advanced memory forensics, you will want to pay close attention to this. Throughout this book, you will learn a lot about these topics.

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  • Installing from binary packages | OPM
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In Linux, there are quite a few ways to alter the dynamic linker's binary for linux that can serve the binary hacker in many ways. As we move through the book, you will begin to understand the process of linking, relocations, and dynamic loading program interpreter. Here are a few linker-related attributes that are useful and will be used throughout the book. This has the effect of allowing functions and symbols from the preloaded library to override the ones from the other libraries that are linked afterwards.

Using the file Command

This essentially allows you to perform runtime patching by redirecting shared library functions. As we will see in later chapters, this technique binary for linux be used to bypass anti-debugging code and for userland rootkits. The auxiliary vector is information that is placed on the program's stack by the kernel's ELF loading routinewith information that is passed to the dynamic linker with certain information about the program. We will examine this much more closely in Chapter 3Linux Process Tracing, but the information might be useful for reversing and debugging.

Linker scripts Linker scripts are a point of interest to us because they are interpreted by the linker and help shape a program's layout with regard to sections, memory, and symbols. The default linker script can be viewed with ld -verbose.

binary for linux

The ld linker program has a complete language that it interprets when it is taking input files such as relocatable object files, shared libraries, and header filesand it uses this language to determine how the output file, such as an executable program, will be organized. For instance, if the output is an ELF executable, the linker script will help determine what the layout will be and what sections will exist in which segments.

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Here is another instance: the. You might be wondering how this is interesting to us.

binary for linux

For one, it is important to have some insights into the linking process during compile time. The gcc relies on the linker and other programs to perform this task, and in some instances, it is important to be able to have control over the layout of the executable file.

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The ld command language is quite an in-depth language and is beyond the scope of this book, but it is worth checking out. And while reverse engineering executables, remember that common segment addresses may sometimes be modified, and so can other portions of the layout.

binary for linux

This indicates that a custom linker script is involved. A linker script can be specified with gcc how to make money on btcon wallet the -T flag.

Active Oldest Votes 19 In a strict sense a binary file is one which is not character encoded as human readable text. More colloquially, a "binary" refers to a file that is compiled, executable code, although the file itself may not be executable referring not so much to permissions as to the capacity to be run alone; some binary code files such as libraries are compiled, but regardless of permissions, they cannot be executed all by themselves.

We will look at a specific example of using a linker script in Chapter 5Linux Binary Protection. Summary We just touched upon some fundamental aspects of the Linux environment and the tools that will be used most commonly in the demonstrations from each chapter.

Adding other tools

Binary analysis is largely about knowing the tools and resources that are available for you and how they all fit together. We only briefly covered the tools, but we will get an opportunity to emphasize the capabilities of each one as we explore the vast world of Linux binary hacking in the following chapters.

In the next chapter, we will delve into the internals of the ELF binary format and cover many interesting topics, such as dynamic linking, relocations, symbols, sections, and more.