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  • By Casey Murphy Updated Sep 17, The number of shares bought and sold each day in any given financial instrument, known as volumeis one of the most accurate ways of gauging money flow.
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By Justin Kuepper Updated Oct 21, Many say that charting is nothing more than predicting the direction of a price between significant support and resistance levels. We know that a support level is a price level which a stock has had where they earn the most on the Internet falling below.

Gauging Support and Resistance With Price by Volume

This is where a lot of buyers tend to enter the stock. Similarly, we know that resistance is a price level above which a stock has difficulty climbing.

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This is where a lot of buyers take profits and shorts enter. Typically, a stock's price will range between these levels until it breaks out or breaks down.

Charting the Ups and Downs in Volume

In this article, we explain what PBV charts linking levels and volumes trading and explore techniques that you can use to make effective trades using these charts. Trendlineschart patternspivot pointsFibonacci lines and Gann lines are among the most popular methods used to identify areas of support and resistance.

But the less commonly used PBV charts, which illustrate volume using a vertical volume histogramcan be invaluable when determining not only the location of key support and resistance levels, but also the strength of these levels.

A PBV chart is simply the standard volume histogram reapplied to price instead of time price is seen on the Y axis and time on the X axis. So, instead of being able to determine when a stock is going in and out of favor indicated by increasing volume levels over timePBV enables you to determine the level of buying or selling interest at a given price level.

PBV charts can be created in many different charting applications, as well as by using free online charting services from websites like BigCharts. There are three major elements involved: Volume strength indicates the amount of shares that traded at the given price level.

This is indicated by the horizontal length of the PBV histogram. Volume type refers to the number of shares sold compared to the number of shares bought.

Essential Strategies for Trading Volume

This is indicated by the two different colors seen on each bar. Successful reactions or tests means the number of times a stock successfully tests and "bounces off" a given level. Together, these three factors will allow you to determine the strength of a particular price level.

Once you have a good idea of price strength, you can combine this information with trendlines and other studies to determine support and resistance levels, find support bases and even play gaps.

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To determine when a stock is basingsimply follow these steps: Draw two parallel, horizontal lines that connect parallel highs and lows in a trading range after a trending move.

Then, use the PBV histogram to see if these parallel lines are located near key price levels.

Volume Spikes and Trends: Time Frame Is Key

Finally, note the buying or selling pressure colors as well as the total volume to determine in which direction a breakout is likely to occur. Looking at this chart, we can see that the longer blue bars indicate buying pressure or support, while a longer red bar indicates selling pressure or resistance. Meanwhile, the larger overall bar indicates that that particular price level is of interest to traders. To determine areas of support or resistance, simply do the following: Identify areas where the PBV histogram shows significant buying or selling interest.

Determine whether these large interests are buying or selling interests. Draw horizontal trendlines parallel to these PBV bars, giving preference to linking levels and volumes trading that also connect highs and lows on the chart.

What to look for Support and Resistance Levels The first thing that most traders will use volume profile for is identifying basic support and resistance levels.

Let's take a look at this old chart of Google now Alphabet Inc. One common strategy is to buy and sell based on the trends between these "soft areas. Playing Gaps Gaps occur when an asset's price rapidly moves from one point to another, creating a visible gap or break between prices in the chart.

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You can use PBV charts to help predict when a gapping stock will find support simply by looking for an area where there was a lot of prior interest. Also, gaps themselves can produce areas of future support or resistance, which can be reinforced by the PBV histogram. Notice that, once the key resistance was broken, there was very little resistance to the upside.

Understanding volume is a useful skill for both day traders and long-term investors. Price always seems to get the attention because it directly affects portfolio values, but understanding how to interpret volume is a skill that can benefit traders in the long run. Simply put, volume is the number of trades, or transactions, that take place in a stock. Think of volume as the fuel behind a price move.

Clearly, PBV can be extremely useful when combined with gaps if you are attempting to buy rebounds or retracements after gaps occur. When you combine PBV with other methods such as trendline analysis and Fibonacci, it is easy to see how much additional insight can be gained from this charting method. Here are some key points to remember: The first color represents volume on days when the price moved higher.

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The second color represents volume on days when the price moved lower. When one color of the bar is significantly longer than the other, strong support or resistance is present.

PBV bars are used for support and resistance levels, trading bases and gap areas. Compare Accounts.

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