Achieving Broadband Access for All in Africa Comes With a $100 Billion Price Tag

Investment in internet project. The tech giant isn’t waiting around for countries to build faster internet networks.


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    However, its ARPU could still rise across those developing markets as income levels rise, and companies target those consumers with more ads. Africa has a population of 1. Therefore, connecting more African countries with a subsea cable could boost penetration rates for underserved countries -- and those new users will likely hop aboard the Facebook bandwagon.

    Like Facebook, Google is running out of room to gain new users, so it's bringing internet access to developing countries to expand its core search engine, YouTube, and investment in internet project services. Another piece of Facebook's long-term plan Facebook realizes it's running out of room to grow in developed markets.

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    Instead of waiting for developing countries to build adequate infrastructure for its apps, Facebook wants to help develop the infrastructure and lock users into its ecosystem. It also wants to solve money transfer issues for those developing countries with its Libra cryptocurrency.

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    Simply put, Facebook wants to become synonymous with the internet for many first-time internet users. Image source: Getty Images. Therefore, Facebook might have a grand plan for conquering developing markets to bolster its long-term MAU and ARPU growth, but those plans could collapse under the weight of its growing social responsibilities. Nonetheless, the 2Africa subsea project clearly indicates Facebook won't give up those long-term ambitions.

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