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Choosing a computer for trading

Sep 19, Product and Service ReviewsTrading Tips 0 comments These days, you can trade on a phone, tablet or even a smart watch but trading on these devices will have a serious impact on your performance when it comes to being able to quickly analyze charts and place orders.

choosing a computer for trading

If you want to get serious about day trading, you have to trade on a device that is not only going to make you more efficient at analyzing the data but also provides reliability when it comes to the risk of losing money caused by technical errors. Day traders rely on fast and accurate information and any hiccups in that data flow could cause a trade to go very wrong.

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So when it comes to day trading, using a fast and reliable computer is the only smart choice. Windows or Mac When choosing a trading computer, the first choice to make would be to go with either Windows or Mac.

choosing a computer for trading

This can come down to personal preference but the reason a Windows machine may be the better choice is simply because all trading software programs work with Windows.

If you were to choose a Mac operating system, you would be limited to the amount of choices when it comes to trading software. I personally like to keep my options open when it comes to trading software in case something new comes along which is why a Windows machine is my preferred choice.

The best computer for you will also depend on your individual needs.

Laptop or Desktop When choosing between a desktop or laptop, there are a few things to consider. If you sometimes travel and would like to be able to trade, a laptop may be the better choice.

Choosing a Day Trading Computer

The drawback to using a laptop is that they can be difficult to upgrade or repair. New components such as processors, hard drives and graphics cards are regularly released.

choosing a computer for trading

So if you always want the newest components, a desktop may be the better choice. Hard Drive Hard drive storage is the computers long term memory used to store files such as videos and photos.

Best trading laptops: 10 best picks 1. F Extreme The F definitely looks like a laptop, but it has all the power of a desktop. This makes it super fast and more efficient than ever.

Besides, most computers these days come with at least GB of storage and you can easily add more by either upgrading the hard drive or purchasing an external hard drive. But the main consideration when choosing a hard drive would be choosing between a solid state drive SSD or hard disk drive HDD.

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A SSD will be much faster in terms of the computers boot up time and reading and writing data whereas a HDD will be a little slower. Personally, I would choose a computer with a SSD drive but it does come with a higher cost. Ram Ram is essentially a computers short term memory.

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The more programs you have open, the more RAM you will need if you want to keep things running smoothly. The faster the processor, the more processes can be run simultaneously. There are some trading applications that take up a lot of processing power because there is so much data going through those programs.

choosing a computer for trading

This really comes down to how you want to design the layout of the software applications you use to trade. I personally like to have a monitor dedicated for my scannersanother monitor dedicated to my chartsanother monitor for my chatroom and another for my broker.

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By having a monitor dedicated to each software program I use, I have much more room to work with and I can see everything more clearly. Think about how you want to view the data you need to look at. If you like to be able to keep an eye on 4 different stocks at a time and can fit 4 charts gas option one monitor, then you will need 1 monitor dedicated to those 4 choosing a computer for trading.

If you like viewing 4 stocks at a time but also want to see 2 different time frames for each of those stocks, then you may need 2 monitors to house all 8 charts.

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It might be a good idea to write a choosing a computer for trading layouts on a piece of paper and play around with different software layouts to figure out how many monitors you will need. If your chosen layout only requires 1 monitor then that is perfectly fine and if in the future you do decide you need more monitors, you can always add additional monitors later. GPU graphics card Once you figured out a software layout and the number of monitors needed for that layout, the computer you choose needs to have a graphics card powerful enough to handle the extra monitors.

Most basic budget home computers can handle 1 extra external monitor.

choosing a computer for trading

But if you need 2 or more monitors, you are going to need a more powerful graphics card. A graphics card is responsible for processing visual data such as the video and graphics you the latest trading systems for binary options on the screen.

Computer technology changes rapidly, if you are reading another article written a year ago or longer then the information is outdated. Click here to see all the trading computer systems we offer. We are also still offering the previous 9th generation Intel K, K and our best selling i9 K processors.

The more powerful the graphics card, the more graphical data can be processed and therefore provide the extra processing power to run more screens. If you are using external displays, you want to make sure it comes with enough display ports to connect the number of monitors you need.

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Most computers come with an HDMI port which most monitors use. Another port that may be important to have is a dedicated ethernet port.

choosing a computer for trading

An ethernet port allows you to directly connect your computer into your internet router instead of using Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi was built for convenience.

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Not reliability. When transmitting data through the air, plenty of things can go wrong and there is nothing worse than being stuck in a trade not being able to send orders because your Wi-Fi signal is having issues.

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