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Share this: The term Antifragile was coined by author Taleb options Nicholas Taleb who was also a professional option trader and former hedge fund manager. In one example Antifragile trading strategies can be described as a system or process in the markets that grows more profitable from outlier events, fat tails outside the normal probability distribution, or parabolic trends in either direction that can create big wins instead of ruin.

The methodology of an antifragile system is to bet small for the chance of big wins.

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Long options and futures contracts are two of the best tools for asymmetric risk in favor of big wins or small losses when positions are kept managed correctly. These types of systems are not concerned with a large winning percentage but having huge wins when right to create profitability.

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For pennies on the dollar, they can control a large amount value of the underlying assets. Nassim Nicholas Taleb the father of the concept traded long option strangles, betting on both directions to capture a huge trend up or down or a single Black Swan event.

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The key is in risk management through position sizing with small trades in comparison to total account equity. Small losses or huge wins was what makes antifragile systems profitable.

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Trend followers are another group of traders that are antifragile in their process. There favorite tool for asymmetric risk in their favor is long futures contracts.

The Law of Large Numbers and Fat Tailed Distributions

They diversify, position size small per trade, and when they find their self on the right side of a big out sized move they let their winner run. While other traders have trouble dealing with volatility or unexpected trends they profit from them. Trend followers are usually the ones that make the fortune that other funds blowing up are losing like LTCM or Barings Bank.

Nassim Taleb: I disagree with such an approach in financial risk management. Some folks looked at the literature and saw differential equations and said "Gee it's like engineering". Engineering relies on models because you can capture the relationships in the physical world very well.

Trend followers made fortunes in as fragile companies, investors, and many funds were ruined. They systematically use diversified futures contracts across many markets to ride a trend until the end when it bends. The anti-fragile trader wins in trending and most volatile market environments along with random Black Swan events that are all far outside the expected bell curve of normal historical price action distribution.

He explains why traders continue to underestimate the role of randomness in the markets and how betting on the possibility of rare events provides an edge. Nassim Nicholas Taleb has traded options for more than 20 years, either for major investment banks or on his own as a fund manager and pit trader — but he bristles at being labeled a trader. Taleb options many options traders who collect premium from selling out-of-the-money OTM options, Taleb focuses on buying far OTM options that have a low probability of making money but post extraordinary returns if they do. Instead of studying how the market did move, Taleb analyzes all the scenarios that might have occurred as well. Wild market spikes and crashes are admittedly rare events, but their reward is so large it offsets their infrequency.

Trend followers have also been on the right side of huge market trends taleb options the past 40 years building fortunes for their self and funds. Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

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