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Image by Grace Kim. But while it might sound like a too-good-to-be-true gimmick, there are legitimate ways that you how to quickly earn 30k without investments double your money without taking unnecessary risks, winning the lotteryor striking gold. Spend Less The amount left over if you spend less money than you earn in income is your savings. Save three to six months of living costs into an emergency fund.

The Best Ways to Invest $30,000

You can invest it in tax-advantaged retirement accounts, such as a k or IRA, or you can invest your money in taxable brokerage accounts. However, if you stayed invested throughout those 27 years, and you reinvested all of your gains, you would have earned roughly 10 percent per year.

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Well, the Rule of 72 is a shortcut that helps you figure out how long it will take your investments to double. If you divide your expected annual rate of return into 72, you can find out how many years it will take you to double your money.

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Divide 10 into 72, and you discover the number of years it takes you to double your money, which is seven years. Bonds Your mix of stocks and bonds should reflect your age, goals, and risk tolerance. That might sound disheartening compared with doubling your money in seven years, but remember that investing is a bit like driving on a highway.

Both fast drivers and slow drivers will ultimately reach their destination.

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The difference is the amount of risk they assume to do so. By obeying the speed limit, you put yourself in a position in which you are likely to arrive at your destination in one piece. By stomping on the accelerator, investors can either reach their final destinations faster or crash and burn.

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You can double your money by investing in bonds. It's likely to take longer, but you'll also decrease your risk. Employer Match If your employer matches your k contributions, you have the easiest, most risk-free method of doubling your money at your disposal.

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For example, if your employer matches 50 cents for every dollar that you put in up to 5 percent of your pay. You are getting a guaranteed 50 percent "return" on your contribution.

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That is one of the only guaranteed returns in the world of investing. You still get tax advantages by contributing to your retirement account.

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Even if your employer doesn't match your contribution, the government will still subsidize a portion by giving you either a tax-deferral up front or a tax-exemption down the road, depending on whether you use a Traditional or a Roth account respectively. It will help you spend less than you earn, then you can invest the difference.

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