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How we help our customers Crypto markets Crypto Hedge Funds We provide out-of-the-box or implement proprietary trading algorithms or trading bots that can be executed on different crypto exchanges.

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We also run custom hedge fund software development projects Crypto Exchanges We give exchanges the tools to monitor liquidity and make their markets. We also run custom software development projects for crypto exchanges to improve their infrastructure OTC Brokers We help OTC desks with smart order routing algorithms to achieve best price for their customers. We also run custom OTC software development projects Token issuers We help issuers improve crypto liquidity of their token with our market making software and develop custom trading applications for them or their investors Traditional markets Stock Exchanges We help monitoring liquidity of exchanges for all listed instruments.

Empirica supports liquidity providers since combining experience from capital, derivatives, forex and cryptocurrency markets.

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You can parametrize the behavior of your market making strategies by setting the spread, aggressiveness, inventory management and hedging. You can jump-start with our pre-build market making algorithms and then extend them either with the help of our quant team our help or with your own developers.

The intellectual property stays with you.

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It often makes sense to build your own market making operations. Nothing scares investors as much as to not have counterparty to their transactions. Help your products grow by providing basic level of liquidity, trust and confidence to your investors and attract organic volume and scale your operations further.

For Institutional-Grade Crypto Market Making If you are looking for : Market Making Service Contact us and we will connect you with best market makers that operate on our software only the best do Market Making Software Liquidity Engine is a high frequency trading system used by regulated market makers on traditional markets that we have upgraded to provide liquidity for crypto assets. Empirica supports liquidity providers since combining experience from capital, derivatives, forex and cryptocurrency markets.

No more empty order books. Mirror prices from other exchanges and hedge your operations automatically with the best prices from other exchanges.

Our purpose Exchange of value is a major driver in economic development.

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No exchange of value can be made without people being sure they can sell what they have bought. Liquidity creates trust.

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Liquidity is a crucial factor in the economy. Empirica builds technology that supports liquidity.

Assign Subscriptions Market-Maker Users that have a Hero subscription have access to an exciting feature. The Market-Maker. But what is Market-Making? Why would you want to us it?

Empirica helps cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto market makers and issuing companies in providing trust to the assets they deliver to other investors. Because we believe that blockchain based assets are the future of value exchange, we focused all our engineering skills trading robot market maker building best software for cryptocurrency market making. So this new technology-based assets can thrive business dealing center change the face of financial markets.

All the information about the Market Maker Bot is kept in a private Telegram room and all members are asked to not share any of the info discussed there.