Nearly one-in-five teens can’t always finish their homework because of the digital divide

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If we are serious about making internet access a reality for everyone, everywhere, we must commit now to take concrete steps to connect the billions of people still offline. Achieving the global goal of affordable internet access for all means that we must work toward an ambitious affordability target that will enable opportunities for internet access and use for all income groups — not just the top few.

Affordable Internet is “1 for 2”

Changing how we define affordability has the power to enable more inclusive access and close the digital divide. In practice, this means that a seemingly affordable mobile internet connection priced at 1.

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Using a national average income does not account for income inequality and the unequal distribution of income found across many countries. Unfortunately, the reality is that country data on income distribution is limited; as a result, using a national average i. The reality is that a data allowance of MB a month allows a user to watch just two minutes of high-quality video — not enough to enable regular use of health, education, and other valuable online tools and information sources.

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Users are hungry for more data and meaningful use of the web requires it. Video and picture-rich content consume large amounts of data and yet, it is exactly these resources that are likely to be most valuable for the poor, marginalised, and frequently illiterate populations offline today.

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A larger data allowance is needed for users to realise the development benefits of the internet. Doubling the current MB yardstick to 1GB would be a good start. Sign up for to have affordability news delivered to your inbox.

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