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Volatility hedge funds have generally stuck to the US options scene, not playing the available cross-border opportunities, Option trading border finds.

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That fact has kept this window of opportunity open. Fifteen years ago, S. Other scholars, casting a wider net, have found that the implied volatility and variance risk premium for options is quite trend and flat in automated trading higher for nations facing political elections, and have drawn the inference that options provide protection for political tail risk.

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The European sovereign debt crisis of set off another wave of studies about volatility focusing on the nations directly involved. There is also a body of literature that studies dispersion trading strategies.

InPeter Carr and Liuren Wu found a negative variance risk premium in index options and a premium of, in effect, zero among 35 equity stock options.

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But, again, that involved the domestic US options and indexes. For each month in that period he sorts international at-the-money straddles by previous day volatility returns and then assigns those straddles to one of three equally weighted tectile portfolios. Thus, he creates a long-short portfolio that sells the expensive tectile, buys the cheap, and holds the options to maturity.

Но, приближаясь к рубильнику, Стратмор понял, что ему необходимо преодолеть еще одно препятствие - тело Чатрукьяна на ребрах охлаждения генератора. Вырубить электропитание и снова его включить значило лишь вызвать повторное замыкание. Труп надо передвинуть.

He follows the same procedure to construct domestic portfolios. The resulting international portfolios outperform the domestic portfolios.

The former yielded Sharpe ratios in a range from 1.

Leveraging digital solutions to seize the potential of informal cross-border trade Some are implementing export bans or introducing export licensing requirements while still keeping all commercial borders open, whereas some are only allowing transit of essential goods, aid and relief cargo. Others have instead restricted transit entirely by closing all borders. When cross-border trade is permitted, it mainly concerns larger commercial flows.

These portfolios have a positive skew and a neutral exposure to the equity market. The latter, domestic, portfolios constructed on the same plan, on the other hand, yielded Sharpe ratios of from 0.

Volatility Arbitrage and Cross-Border Options

Looking at ex-post vol returns, the international portfolios have between The equivalent domestic numbers range only from 7. Three Conclusions and a Footnote Tosi draws three conclusions.

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Tosi also calls on his fellow academics to expand research in this area, because for decades now research has been largely focused on domestic option prices. In a footnote, Tosi observes that hedge funds as well as market makers and proprietary trading firms may gain leverage by virtue of the new portfolio margining rules of the CBOE, as well as the risk-based margining rules of the European and Asian exchanges. Tosi is also the co-author, with Alexandre Ziegler of a recent study on the timing of options returns.

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That study suggests that speculators option trading border want to profit from the put option premium should short front-month options only during the final days of the cycle.

Investors trying to protect against downside risk on the other hand should use back month options.

There are, however, some basic steps that you can take to give yourself the best chance of running your operations smoothly. This article will offer some tips and things to remember when setting up and running your logistics for cross-border online retail. The fact that turnover from online sales has been growing, and will continue to grow, is hardly news anymore. What is interesting to see, however, is where this future growth will be coming from — while the growth curve for domestic online sales will flatten out at one point, it is cross-border sales that will become the driving force in online retail.

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