Don’t fall for these common money myths

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They buy into the lie that the average Joe making an average income or less will never be able to live debt free. With the right plan, some intestinal fortitude, and time, anyone can become debt free. Debt freedom is not just for people with a high income or some special knowledge.

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Anyone can achieve it if they really want it. Read my blog series detailing every step you need to get out of debt for good.

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Most of the time, this money lie is tied to feelings of self-worth. Other times, there may be issues with financial self control. Even past failures at getting out of debt can weigh on you, holding you back from your financial goals.

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No matter what lies in your past, no matter how many times you've tried and failedyou are worthy of living a rich life! It may take a change in mindset and habits that you haven't quite been able to achieve yet. But keep after your goal.

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Continue educating yourself and building new habits with money. Eventually, it will click and you will get quick money myth job done! The best thing you can do is to continually educate yourself about money and how to use it.

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There are a ton of different perspectives out there. Some are reasonable, and some are totally misinformed.

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Here are some of the points I consider when deciding whether a piece of financial advice is worth my time: Does this advice encourage staying in debt, or debt freedom? Quick money myth there excessive risk involved you could lose all your money?

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Can you easily implement the advice, or is it overly complicated? Who is giving the advice? Are they well off financially, or broke like everybody else?

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Are rich people doing this? The ideas above are a good starting point. Eventually you will need to formulate your own set of financial principles to live by.

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That way, you can keep all the stupid money myths above from limiting your financial future and start succeeding with money like you never have before!

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