TC option

Some options control the size of buffers or caches.

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For a given buffer, the server might need to allocate internal data structures. These structures typically are allocated from the total memory allocated to the buffer, and the amount of space required might be platform dependent.

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This means that when you assign a TC option to an option that controls a buffer size, the amount of space actually available TC option differ from the value assigned. In some cases, the amount might be less than the value assigned. It is also possible that the server adjusts a value upward.

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For example, if you assign a value of 0 to an option for which the minimal value isthe server sets the value to Values for buffer sizes, lengths, and stack sizes are given in bytes unless otherwise specified. Some options take file name values.

Shaping may be more than lowering the available bandwidth - it is also used to smooth out bursts in traffic for better network behaviour.

Unless otherwise specified, the default file location is the data directory if the value is a relative path name. To specify the location explicitly, use an absolute path name.

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If the value is an absolute path name, its location is as given by the path name. You can also set the values of server system variables at server startup by using variable names as options.

Software and Tools 5. Kernel requirements Many distributions provide kernels with modular or monolithic support for traffic control Quality of Service. Custom kernels may not already provide support modular or not for the required features. If not, this is a very brief listing of the required kernel options.

When you assign a value to a variable, MySQL might automatically correct the value to stay within a given range, or adjust the value to the closest permissible value if only certain values are permitted. You can change the values of most system variables at runtime with the SET statement.

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Command-Line Format --help Display a short help message and exit. Use both the --verbose and --help options to see the full message.

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