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Which is better: Fixed Stop or Trailing Stop The hidden cost of using a Stop Loss In Trading First, we will understand what the use of stops does to the distribution of our trading results.

A hypothetical trade result example is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: The return distribution of our trading strategy. It is tempting to think that the use of a stop simply truncates the downside of the distribution by capping losses at a certain level.

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Figure 2: The hoped-for distribution when a stop has been added. Their results still have to be accounted for mathematically, the integral of the probability density function must still be one.

So we next surmise that these trades cluster around the level of the stop. But this still misses an important point. Many trades at the end of the period will be small winners, would have been stopped out beforehand.

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Note that the large winners will still remain as these largely consist of trades that started as winners and never looked back, but the presence of a stop will drastically reduce the number of small winners.

This is the hidden cost of using a stop. Effect of using a stop on your expected returns To see the exact effect of using a stop, I simulated 10, GBM paths that represented checking the performance of the trade once a day.

Adam Milton Updated July 23, A stop-market order is a type of stop-loss order designed to limit the amount of money a trader can lose on a single trade. It can be an order to buy or sell, and it will only trigger if the market price for that stock, security, or commodity hits the specified level.

Results are shown in Figure 3. Figure 3: The true distribution when a stop has been added.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Stop Loss orders?

There are several things to note here. First, the average return is negatively affected by using stops. This is a mathematical inevitability of assuming that the un-stopped results follow the normal distribution.

By Emily Norris Updated May 19, It is simply not possible for any trader - whether amateur, professional or anywhere in between - to avoid losses completely.

And because the normal distribution has more density around the mean than it does in the wings, there are more of these marginal trades than there are big losers. They drastically change the shape of the return distribution and can lower the average return.

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The only reason that we would add a stop is that we prefer the shape of the stopped distribution, i. While this is true, the real world is far more complex.

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Returns are not normally distributed and the results will change over time. Also, there is no reason a trader need option conference be interested in maximizing returns. Safety and risk control is important for both financial and psychological reasons.

It is possible, if a little harder, to do similar analyses for cases limiting losses in trading the trade has a more complex, realistic set of outcomes. We can add fat-tails, crashes and skewness. We can also make the results of one trade depend on previous trades. The results in all cases are basically the same: stops lower the average return and change the return distribution into something bimodal.

But what limiting losses in trading in actual markets where the return process is not known and is certainly not normal?

Obviously, many investors like to use stops. Indeed some insist that limiting losses in trading are absolutely essential and that their appropriate usage is a good predictor of overall, long term success. Instead of just accepting this because someone famous has said it we should examine why this is the case.

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Given that most simulated tests show that stops cost money, what is it that these traders are thinking? Breaking down some common arguments given for using stops Stops limit losses For any given trade this is trivially true. But, as we have seen in our simple simulation, in aggregate this could be just an illusion.

Using stops can actually cost us money in the long-term so this reason certainly needs more justification.

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Stops are a form of discipline It is true that if you always use stops then you have displayed discipline. But discipline needs to be about applying a sensible methodology consistently, not just doing something consistently. It is important to risk a certain set amount on each investment one or two percent is often the amount given Why is this even important? This also needs to be justified not just stated.

However, it is critical to understand the difference between these two tools. Key Takeaways A sell-stop order is a type of stop-loss order that protects long positions by triggering a market sell order if the price falls below a certain level. A buy-stop order is a type of stop-loss order that protects short positions; it is set above the current market price and is triggered if the price rises above that level. Stop-Loss Orders There are two types of stop-loss orders: one for buying and those to sell: Sell-Stop Orders Sell-stop orders protect long positions by triggering a market sell order if the price falls below a certain level.

Further, trade sizing and risk control are a different issue from setting a loss for each and every single position. A stop is really a predefined exit. If we use stops to formalize this then they are perfectly sensible.

But we need to think more about what this means.

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If we are exiting a position purely because the price has moved by a given amount then we are trend following. We are implicitly saying that the move that has already happened is predictive of a future move.

This deserves to be repeated.

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Price based stops are a trend following system. So they may be a good deal of sense if we are explicitly betting on momentum. In this case, we will be exiting trades at the points where we see the maximum potential for future profit.

Rephrased, the reason we should sell out of a position that has moved against us is if, and only if, we expect the move to continue.

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The loss has already been incurred; we need to think about our current risk, not the sunk cost of the incurred loss. And if we are only basing the stop on the price action, we are saying price direction alone determines future price direction i.

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  • A stop-loss order is an order placed with a broker to buy or sell a security when it reaches a certain price.
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This means that any test of a stop-loss rule is really a test of a trend following strategy. Stops have little to do with risk control. They are really a statement about our source of edge.


Are Stops just another Trend following tool? As a fun little exercise to see what this can lead to, I tested a very simple trading idea.

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I took 10 years of SPY prices sampled at 5-minute intervals tick data might have been better in theory but there was just too much of it. At the start of each day, I bought one hundred shares of SPY and held for the day then sold on the close.

The results are given below and illustrated in Figure 4.