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Abstract Purpose The purpose of this paper is to contribute new knowledge about how first line managers FLMs in elderly care perceive their situation, with a focus on differences in management approaches at the intersection of the central and local parts of the organization. The results presented here are based on a secondary analysis of 15 of the total of 28 interviews carried out in the project.

Findings The main results are twofold: the majority of FLMs perceived differences in management approaches between local and central management; the differences caused some struggle because FLMs perceived that the management system did not support the differences. The two main aspects that caused the FLMs to struggle were differences in the foci of the management levels and difficulties in influencing the conditions of management.

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It is common knowledge that FLMs have a complex position, intermediate to the central, upper level management and their subordinates at the local level — levels with different foci and interests.

The study contributes new knowledge about what these differences consist of and the dilemmas they cause and offers suggestions as to what can be done to reduce both energy waste and the risk of low job satisfaction. Keywords: Leadership, Elderly care, Value-orientation, First-line manager, Production-orientation Introduction The situation for first line managers FLMs in municipal elderly care is often described as complex and challenging Ekholm, ; Hagerman et al.

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The role of FLMs involves dealing with demands and expectations that come from several directions as well as balancing a variety of interests cf.

The FLMs often work close to daily operations at their units and have responsibility for services, staff and finances.

Real-time data, new storage possibilities and data analytics are changing the modalities of monitoring and control of service performances offered at the building scale. Data-driven approaches based on predictive analyses applied in FM are meeting a large consensus from FM operators which are perceiving the related achievable benefits. However, applications of ICTs in FM are still at an experimental stage and they can be subjected to a variable level of uncertainty due to the lack of knowledge about systems behaviors. This uncertainty can not only affect the calculation of the expected service performance SLA but also the deviation between expected and actual service performances. The uncertainty on expected performances gains a higher relevance when FM services are outsourced to an external provider especially in performance-based contracts.

Their position is intermediate to the central, upper level management and their subordinates at the local level Lutz and Olsson, The present study aims to contribute new knowledge about how FLMs perceive their own local management and central management. By local management, we mean the management the FLMs are responsible for providing in their respective organizations.

Elderly care in Sweden is experiencing great challenges, with high rates of make money in betting leave and difficulties in recruiting personal Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, In that sense, compendium of strategies options the context of elderly care, FLMs are central to ensuring a healthy work environment and reducing the high rates of sick leave and turnover.

Researchers have argued that management of the health-care sector dealing center manager complicated because managers are supposed to simultaneously deal with the needs and expectations of different stakeholders, such as the employees, patients, relatives, different professionals and central management Ekholm, ; Hasenfeld, ; Peters, These needs and expectations sometimes are contradictory and difficult to combine.

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Glouberman and Mintzberg point out, for example, the different logics of the world of care and the world of control. Kristiansen et al. Through continuous sense-making, nurses have coped with and handled the contradicting logics, which has triggered constant reorientation in dealing center manager organization of daily work.

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The situation described above puts managers in elderly care in a central but also complex position, especially when there are several levels of management. It is reasonable to assume that there might be contradicting interests between management levels and that, in this complex situation, there is also room for more than one management approach Ekholm, The authors discuss the managerial levels as one of several possible explanations for these findings, in that many of the Egyptian FLMs were highest up in the organizations Abdelrazek et al.

Theoretical framework — different management approaches The concepts of management and leadership can be seen as overlapping, where management often is related to administration, planning and decision-making, while leadership is more about influencing others and processing change Bush, Management and leadership are described as two processes: management seeks to produce predictability and order, while leadership produces movement and change.

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Either one or several persons in an organization can have the formal responsibility for management and leadership processes Yukl, Different ways of leading involve different approaches to providing direction, implementing plans and motivating people. That means performance of managerial duties is guided by the management approach Yukl, Different management approaches focus on disparate issues and dealing center manager have various needs for tools and support systems, here called management systems.

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Lindvall argues that management systems need to be set up differently depending on the management approach taken. Lindvall suggests that market-driven operations are primarily supposed dealing center manager meet market demands and adapt organizational and financial management to market expectations and requirements.

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This entails a business-like approach to management Lindvall, In this respect, non-competition conditions can take another approach to management, thus using another management system. Lindvall refers to these two different management approaches as production-oriented and value-oriented management.


Research on leadership is often focused on different leadership styles and how these styles affect organizations in various ways. In the present study, the focus is not on leadership styles but on the formal management role. The two approaches presented by Lindvall can be seen as dichotomies or extremes; they are illustrated by keywords in Table I. The dichotomies can serve as a theoretical tool for dealing center manager management approaches, though in practice management approaches probably do not belong to one or the other extreme, but fall somewhere in between.

Table I.

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The differences between production-orientation and value-orientation in management Production-orientation.