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Lara robot who earns. User Experience Results of Setting Free a Service Robot for Older Adults at Home

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The functions provided by the Hobbit robot The results presented herein mark a significant step forwards in evaluating robotic systems under real-life conditions [ 5 ]. For reasons of completeness, we shortly set the above presented functions in relation to state-of-the-art robots see also [ 6 ].

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The selections of functions that have been implemented on the robot have been extracted from multiple interactions with users, secondary users or relatives and professional caregivers.

We conducted first home trials with an autonomous robot with the aim to find out what users want. Here, a lot more work is needed, and recently started projects will expand our understanding. Part of this work was that we conducted two iterations of user studies and collected user requirements [ 7 ].

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These requirements give a clear picture of what older adults would want at present from a robot helper at home. Conclusions are drawn from workshops with older adults that created a longer list of requirements that have then been ranked in studies and questionnaires and correlated with technical feasibility given the present state of the art in service robotics.

We used first user trials and lessons learned to verify the ranked requirements [ 8 ].

Lara Model

Before reviewing the robot system concept Section 4we summarise the user requirements and relate them to other studies or care robots. The clear requirements formulated within the Hobbit project still hold. The main services that put in binary options home robot should provide to aid older adults target the following needs.

Physical and cognitive fitness includes physical exercises that have been considered on top of the initial description of work.

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This includes games and playing music or video or radio, a function that has been surprisingly welcome by users to play the favourite radio station. Increase the perceived safety of the user: A main aspect is already the physical presence of the robot and its care functions such as seeking the user and user interaction during the patrolling function.

Multimodal interaction capabilities and several ways to trigger an emergency call. Pick-up of known and unknown objects from the floor which turned out to be an essential aspect.

The normal scepticism towards the robot went away after seeing the robot picking up an object from the floor. A clean-up function further extends this capability.


Calling the robot for help: the use of call buttons is an effective means to call the robot for any task at any time. In the Hobbit idea, we had drawn out many of these functions as elements to make the user feel good and possibly even create a binary options with bp usd to the robot such that it is trusted and used and the previous two aspects are reached to an even better degree.

Examples of these functions are: A first personalisation of the robot is executed in the initialisation phase. The users set initial parameters, which could be changed later.

Additionally, the robot and basic guidelines for operating it are introduced. Learning new objects and findings these objects are welcome features for the users and regarded as a great commodity.

User Experience Results of Setting Free a Service Robot for Older Adults at Home

An important functionality that extends the functionalities provided in Hobbit is the pick-up from high locations. Grasping objects from places high up that cannot easily be reached will be investigated in EU project RAMCIP, though robot costs are expected to be considerable higher.

In Hobbit we regard this functionality as a future module and a possible extension of the basic robot platform. Entertainment ranges from games over music to surprising the user.

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All these functions aim at increasing the user acceptance. Reward functionality is a means to enhance the user binding with the hypothesis to improve the acceptance by the user. In summary, the Hobbit robot provides a rich repertoire of functions, where several are novel and have been tested with users or at home for the first time. This configuration is an improvement of the previous Hobbit version and implements the lessons learned in a series of previous user trials see also for details [ 9 ].

The main dimensions have been reduced to follow user requests. Other features will be discussed in Section 5 when discussing the hull or individual features of the upper body and the head.

A key element of the development of the Hobbit robot set out to reduce the costs of the hardware costs to a minimum.

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For example, laser sensors are rather expensive and only operate in one plane. Replacing them with RGBD camera lara robot who earns the advantage that their cost will be lower and they provide full 3D perception. Hence, we can test the feasibility to cope with all the functionality needed at home and with lower price to reach closer to the expected costs of presenting a robot for home robotics.

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The hardware components sum up to 16, Euro. Navigation is autonomous and uses virtual laser scans from RGBD images. The robot has functions for edutainment music, radio, audiobooks, pre-installed web radio and services, games and cognitive fitness functionsreminders, video phone service, control of a manipulator, access to an ambient-assisted living AAL environment e.

Results of setting free a service robot for older adults at home In the following we structure the results into the aspects regarding the robot usage usability, acceptance and affordability and issues related to the robot hardware, software and development.

Before presenting the results, we summarise the design and methods used to evaluate the user trials.

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Design and methods of the user trials The user trials have been conducted in three countries, and users tested the robot for 3 weeks each. The trials took place in Austria with seven end-users, in Greece with four end-users and in Sweden again with seven end-users.

In total, the trials included 18 primary users PUs and 16 secondary users SU.

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The trials were carried out in the user homes with the robot interacting autonomously for 3 weeks with the user. All trials took place in private homes of single-living senior adults.

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Each trial with one user lasted 3 weeks. Assessment by means of qualitative interviews and questionnaires took place at four stages of each trial: pre-trial, midterm, end of trial and posttrial i.

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Results of the qualitative interviews as well as perceived safety measured by the falls efficacy scale FES [ 10 ] are reported. Eighteen elderly users participated in this study, and 16 14 female were included for statistical analysis two lara robot who earns had to be excluded because of missing data.

Quantitative data were analysed using SPSS by means of descriptive statistics and non-parametric methods Friedman ranking test. We used a multi-method approach for testing the most important evaluation criteria: 1 usability; 2 acceptance, which includes the mutual care MuC concept [ 11 ] and 3 affordability.

Lara Model

This testing followed an intricate lara robot who earns procedure with regular updates using the inputs of the reviewers of the project and the first experiences of the pilot user tests [ 9 ].

Qualitative, quantitative, cultural probing and logging data were preprocessed and analysed according to state-of-the-art scientific rules and procedures. Detailed results of the field trials will be reported. Overview of trial procedure and evaluation materials.

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Results regarding overall robot usage As outlined above, results were gained from questionnaires; interviews; cultural probing with the participants before, during and after the trials; and continuous logging of all interaction data in the Hobbit robot. The most important results of the user trials related to the three main quality criteria were: Usability: users agreed that Hobbit is easy to use and intuitive to handle.

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The option to use different input modalities was perceived as very helpful for PUs. There was, however, some lack of functionality, since not all functions worked all the time.

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This was acceptable for a prototype but obviously needs to be improved. Acceptance was ambivalent among users. In general the attitude towards the robot was positive and did not change.

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The emotional attachment weakened over the duration of the trials, mainly due to the technical problems. This also indicates that some of the expectations of the users could not be fulfilled.

A more important finding is that the reciprocity was not perceived by the primary users. This indicates that the mutual care approach needs some refinement to become effective.

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