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Published: April 19 Author: Anna Alexandrovna Binary options are a beginner. What mistakes you should not make a trade in the options market This article is intended for beginners, the beginners of binary options.

In it, I'll introduce you to the basic functional components of the trade field they are almost identical on all platforms. Let's talk about what mistakes you should not make since to make a binary options to make your launch was successful. Trade binary options field 1 Select an exchange asset index, currency pair, stock or commodity 2 Select the amount you want to invest in the purchase of the option on some platforms, the window for filling in the amount opens after we choose Call or Put option 3 Select the time period the end of an hour, day, week, month, there are short-term options, starting with 30 seconds 4 Select call or put option increase or decrease of the price of the stock asset After that confirm the option.

That's all. These are the basic four steps that you will make trading binary options.

Bot2BinaryCopier - Copier for Binary Options - Trading Forum

A little later I will write in detail about each mode. So stay tuned training materials. To be aware of, adds to my social networks, I always publish announcements there. Basic mistakes novice traders binary options During the last years of my professional activities in the binary options I talked with many traders and professionals novice binary options.

Trying to succeed in trading, some novice traders and suffered defeat. So I decided to analyze the information and summarize it. What are common mistakes can wait Beginners to Binary Options?

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This is the specificity of the financial market, this just needs to get used to. Therefore, in order to successfully trade and exaggerate its capital, it is necessary to adhere to the rule of mani management. Manage the capital is not difficult. Having gained certain experience and working out your strategy, which will bring maximum profit, you can increase the amount of investment.

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This approach is also called the Kelly Criterion, in honor of John Kelly, who in developed this golden rule for traders. He even did not want to delve into that. For him it was like a game of casino roulette.

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The business is. No need to rely on luck.

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There are many good strategies and free binary options signals that assist beginners. They are not as hard to learn them and everyone can. So do not be lazy, and even indulge in a little self-education.

  • What mistakes should not commit to trade in the options market

It is necessary to distinguish the trade market and gambling. A trading by accident, you risk to get into the ranks of those who have lost their deposit and then began to point fingers at brokers binary options strategy failed and the like.

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And many people give in to this feeling, there is a desire to "recoup. In trading there is no room for emotion.

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Only a sound analysis and calculation. If you have several trades closed in negative, postpone trading until tomorrow.

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Sometimes failure can be not only because of your fault, that you have something badly predicted. There are situations when very weighty news tm in binary options released on the financial market, and he immediately reacts to it.

And you just at this moment are trading, and nothing happens. Immediately stop, so as not to lose more. Return everything and get profit from the top a little later. It will still be useless to play.

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Not passed it, and binary options. In recent years began to appear more and more brokers ephemeral. Their signalists for binary options to attract more customers and then disappear one day with money unsuspecting traders.

To avoid falling into rugi such scams, check out Rated reliable binary options brokers and review Blacklist brokers as of year.

Trade only with trusted and licensed. I'm not saying that all of them are scammers, there are really experts in their field. But their percentage is very small, in comparison with those who just want to make money for you.

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Do not trust them unfoundedly. There must be real proof of their successful trade.

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Do not risk all of your deposit. And I would not advise giving money to trust management. There are a lot of negative reviews for such a confidential kind of trade. As Signalists for binary options always say, do not be lazy, try to understand at least some elementary concepts and strategies.

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All material on my site is aimed at Binary Options for Beginners. And it is absolutely free!!! Read, learn, practice, and then success is guaranteed!