CS:GO launch options

Cs go option

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Only one adjustment of launch options is enough to boost the performance of your game. Also we asked our folks who doing csgo boosting service for best launch options they know. In this guide you will learn how cs go option correctly perform the setting and all available launch options in CS:GO, we will highlight handy settings, which are guaranteed to improve your gaming experience and boost CS GO productivity.

Open Steam and proceed to Library section. Open General tab and click Set Launch Options button.

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Enter launch options and click OK. In this case, English language is indicated, however, you can use any other language you like.

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It is worth trying this command, since game performance may be improved as well. Most of them are useless and not suitable for all computers. The possible values are: 60, 75, The browser was switched off in the past, the one you could see when connecting to the user server.

Launch options are commands that enable the user to set some settings to improve the gameplay and overall experience, before launching the game. In simple language, commands for launching the game in your desired settings.

We do not recommend using 0 value, since input lag will raise, especially var and sv values. The value should be chosen according to your mean FPS value.

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The majority of people are playing with 1 and 0 values, and thus they are feeling uncomfortable when shooting. It seems, that crosshair is reeling and shaking. In other words, the value should be maximum, namely Related postsMore interesting content.

ULTIMATE CSGO 2020 Settings Guide