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The bookshop is open but the museum is closed.

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You can enter the historic compound but the buildings inside the compound are locked due to Covid safety precautions. Reef Campground is closed for repairs.

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Salt Point State Park trails, parking lots, and campgrounds are temporarily closed. Please check the State Parks website for updated information. Environmental Living Distance Learning Our ELP opportunities allow students to experience the joys of history, exploring the interaction between people and their environment.

Revitalization The Fur Trade Native Americans traded along the waterways of present-day Minnesota and across the Great Lakes for centuries before the arrival of Europeans in the mids. For nearly years afterward, European American traders exchanged manufactured goods with Native people for valuable furs. The Ojibwe and Dakota held powerful positions, prompting both the French and British to actively court their military and trade allegiance. Trade with Native Americans was so critical to the French and British that many European Americans working in the fur trade adopted Native protocols. The Ojibwe were particularly influential, which led many French and British people to favor Ojibwe customs of bartering, cooperative diplomacy, meeting in councils, and the use of pipes.

Students learn about the many cultures and ways of living at Settlement Ross. An ELP Instructor provides a virtual interactive walk-about of the historic compound to share this rich history, and provides tutorial videos of our many fun hands-on craft projects that students can do at home to bring this historic era to life.

Fort Ross State Historic Park

Welcoming the Holiday Season! Fort Ross Bookshop is open 10a.

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Come into the Bookshop to find the perfect gift for friends and family. We have a wonderful selection!

Donate to Fort Ross Education Fund! In a normal year, we bring over 4, youth to Fort Ross and Salt Point for outdoor educational programs they will never forget.

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