Mall Cop 2.0? Security robot to patrol DTLA mall

Robot in the mall


    By Ethan Baron ebaron bayareanewsgroup.

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    How many robots did the posh mall have at the time? It refused to say.

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    How many does it have now? When and why did the shopping center rid itself of autonomous patrollers? The shopping center declined to say.

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    But the almost equally posh Westfield Valley Fair mall has a robot, the same kind Stanford Shopping Center used to have, from a Mountain View company called Knightscope. But recently revealed documents have raised questions about just how much data they are gathering.

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    Both companies declined to answer any questions about the robot. If the robot uses facial recognition, or will in the future, that raises several concerns, said Dave Maass, a researcher with digital-privacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

    Can ICE get access to this data?

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    Is there some security guard directing the robot to to go to a video arcade and spy on young girls playing Skee-Ball? On Nov.

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    Maass believes Valley Fair should place at all mall entrances notices about the robot, what data it collects, and what use will be made of the data, and that shoppers should have a way to opt out. Related Articles.