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    Clickbait is used frequently by large media companies such as BuzzFeed and UpWorthy to increase website traffic.

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    Example of a YouTube clickbait video. However, you must also a deliver a quality video in order to ensure that your user engagement rate and video ratings remain high. Adding captions to my YouTube video added an additional 1, words and indexable search terms.

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    2. To start, here are a few ways you can make money on Instagram: Focus on sponsored posts for brands that want to reach your audience, making you the perfect medium to do that.
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    Best of all, my target keyword density increased by 68 terms Greenand my keyword diversity increased by 12 terms orange. For an explanation why, view the full article.

    Engagement ratio is a key ranking component for YouTube videos. Consider for a moment a YouTube video with over 10, views. Based on the example above, adding captions could lead to a 7.

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    How to Monetize Videos Before you can start to make money from your YouTube videos, you need to enable monetization and set up a Google AdSense account. Step 1 Go to www.

    Note that your application for monetization can take a few days to get approved.

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    Conclusion The key to being successful on YouTube is creating quality content consistently. Not all of your videos are going to be wildly successful, but the more often you post, the more growth you can expect from your channel.

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    Watch the growth of your channel in the form of a chart at YouTube Anayltics. Use the charts as a motivator if you ever feel like giving up.

    • Someone thinks highly enough of your work to share it with their followers!
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    • Together, reach and influence provide the chance for Instagram developers to check out several streams of possible revenue, whether they wish to construct an empire or simply make some additional cash and totally free stuff.

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