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One touch in binary options

Last update: 28 January 6 min read One Touch Binary Options In the world of binary options, there are a variety of structures which are designed to take advantage of any one particular scenario. For the beginner, the different options can sometimes be confusing, so it is best to familiarise yourself with the various one touch in binary options on off in the retail market.

One-Touch Option

For this reason, we have dedicated these pages on our site to cover the various types of options available. In this section, we will be looking at One-touch options, how they work, and whether they are an instrument worth considering.

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As stated, the most popular binary options are call and put trades, which allow the trader to profit from a correct prediction on whether the price of an underlying asset will go up or down. This is popular with beginners, as the concept is also simple to understand.

Once you have grasped the basics of options tradingyou may be tempted to move on to One-touch binary options, so now let us explain the basics on this type of option.

One Touch Binary Options

What is a one-touch option? A One-touch option is a binary option which offers a payout once the price of an underlying asset hits a certain predetermined level.

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The buyer can set the position of the barrier and the expiry date, and the broker will offer the best payout in theory should the barrier be broken triggered is the correct market terminology. As with all binary options, there are only two possible outcomes, so if the strike level is not triggered, then the option expires worthless and the trader loses the cost of the option price paid.

This type of option is used when a trader believes the price of an underlying asset will pass a certain level in a set period of time the expiry periodbut does not believe that gains or losses may not necessarily be sustained. At this point however, it is also worth considering that in this expected scenario, the trader will also benefit from trading the underlying asset and naturally, monitor the position constantly. Indeed, based on the level of payout, with the benefit of technical analysisplacing a stop at a certain point can offer much better risk to reward as the binary option will only pay a set payout.

The underlying position however, has unlimited gains, yet the risk is defined by the level of the stop loss — so discipline is required.

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One-touch options are naturally less expensive than Double One-touch options, as in the latter case, there are more strikes, and therefore more chance of a strike price being triggered for payout. It is also worth noting, that One-touch options can also be traded at the weekends in some cases when global markets are closed. The key reason for the popularity of One-touch options is that they can offer large returns, but this will require the strike price to be placed some way away from the current market.

Simple Strategies for One Touch Binary Options

In this case, the buyer is looking for a significant rise in volatility. Once again, this can also be expressed through traditional spot trading. Having touched on Double One-touch options, let us now explain what they are. What is a double one-touch option?

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A Double One-touch option is a binary option that offers the trader an agreed payout if the underlying asset triggers one or other of two predetermined levels. In this case, a strike price will be placed on either side of current price.

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The trader will determine the level of both barriers, the expiry date of the contract, and the payout one touch in binary options be set based on these parameters.

As stated above, either one of the strike or barriers must be broken before the option expires in order to receive the payout offered at outset by the broker. A Double One-touch option can be a great option to use if you believe the price of an asset will change dramatically over a set period, but you are not sure which direction it will take.

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A trader stands to benefit whether the price goes up or down, but will require higher volatility to achieve payout. In order to get an attractive payout, the strikes or barriers will have to be placed some way either side of the current market price.

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If the barriers are set close to the market, the broker will offer a very low payout percentage due to the higher chance of either level being triggered. As such, the better opportunities are likely to remain inside traditional spot trading, where traders can achieve greater returns in relation to risk taken.

One-Touch Binary Options Explained

Open a binary options demo trading account — Start by trying out a demo account, as this will give you risk free taste of how binary options work and what they can and cannot offer you. Choose an asset — Trading with a small amount of money the easiest way to make money is begin with, invest in an asset you feel comfortable and familiar with.

Tips on finding the best binary options broker We will finish by recapping some of the points we have touched on in one of our other pages, by looking at finding the best binary options broker, and what you should look out for.

If you have a few recommendations, try them out with a demo account first, so you can get a good feel for each broker Other types of binary options.

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