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That maxim has also extended to the world of business, and today a startup that has built a business-focused challenger bank, specifically for startups like itself, is announcing a round of funding as starts its growth in earnest. And by investor-heavy, I mean that on two counts: it featured a lot of heavyweights, and there were nearly 40 individuals and firms chipping in.

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This latest funding comes on the heels of Mercury having launched only in Apriland is a result make money mercury what appears to be very strong demand for what it has to offer. To be sure, there are already a number of options on the market for a make money mercury looking for a bank. Aside from traditional institutions that all offer special accounts for small businesses which essentially is what a startup isthere is Silicon Valley Bankand other challengers like Revolut and N26 that started first with consumers but are now increasingly also targeting smaller SMBs.

No plans from Stripe to build something like this at the moment, co-founder John Collison told me earlier this month when I asked about it.

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Immad Akhund, the CEO and co-founder of Mercury, is aware of what the shortcomings are today in the market from a couple of perspectives.

With Mercury I saw that I had the opportunity to build something that was needed.

I want my bank to decline all externally initiated withdrawals unless explicitly authorized. In other words, when I write a check, I want to tell my bank, and if someone tries to cash a check drawn on my account, I want it to be rejected. The same should go for ACH debits.

These are just the basics, however. And on the horizon are a number of new features that Mercury is building, along with an API, that will let its clients manage the money in their accounts and all of the places where it might typically be getting paid in and paid out.

The book started off as a series of pamphlets that were originally given out to the public by banks. Then inthey were combined to create the book that so many people know today.

This could be useful, for example, for integrating this into another piece of accounting software. He also noted that in marketplace-style business, you are not only receiving money from many places but also needing to pay people out, so having a way of being able to do that more easily and immediately could be a big boost to a business.

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Much further down the line, you could imagine this office for trading also include interesting insights and other services based on all the data Mercury amasses about a business. This idea has resonated with founders — who are both signing up to the service and also coming in as backers.

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Despite the work that having a huge investor pool might entail for the business many ideas, many voices to be heard Akhund said that having a big pool of them involved financially was important to him, given his target market.

The delta is so large that I actually look forward to the odd finance task!

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