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    Since the late s however, Russian politicians at all levels of the power structure have associated themselves either with the Orthodox, or on some occasions with the Muslim, clergy.

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    The present state of affairs in the relations between religion and the state are well illustrated by the cordial liaison of the late Patriarch Aleksii II with President Vladimir Putin and the equally warm involvement of President Dmitry Medvedev, and his wife Svetlana Medvedeva, with the new Patriarch Kirill, who was elected in January Polls seem to support the claim. While in only 24 per cent of Russians identified themselves as Orthodox, in the sense that they felt themselves to be Russians as well, in the number was 73 per cent.

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    However, less than 10 per cent, and in Moscow perhaps only 2 per cent do actually miron lisov binary options out their religiosity. Why did Russia turn towards religion?

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    Is religion chosen in an attempt to legitimise power, or in order to consolidate political rule after atheist-communist failure?

    My guess is that the answer to both is affirmative. Moreover, whatever the personal convictions of individual Russians, including politicians, religious, mainly Orthodox Christian, rhetoric and rituals are used to make a definitive break with the communist past and to create, or re-create, a Greater Russia see Simons

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