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    Next: Share This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Sales at the retail giant are up, but the stock is down in premarket trading, illustrating how difficult it is to manage investor expectations during the pandemic.

    The shares are down year to date, and Wall Street, overall, appears to believes they are a good bet. The sales mix Target reports is unsurprising.

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    Overall, essential products, such as food, have grown by double-digit percentages. That is pretty good. The bottom line is that the strong actual numbers are lagging behind slightly more bullish estimates.

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    There has been a big divergence in the stock performance of retailers selling mainly consumer staples —products shoppers are stocking up on during the pandemic—and retailers selling discretionary items. Target shares lie somewhere between the two extremes.

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    Still, Target management feels pretty good about the performance. That works out to about 16 times calendar year earnings.

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    Target reports numbers on a non-calendar year basis. That is a little lower than retail peers. Flexibility for everyone, including retailers, is a must in a Covid world.

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    Write to Al Root at allen. Targetupdated investors about its coming quarter, providing financial data through mid-April.