Price Action Squeeze and QQE RSI Strategy

Qqe indicator strategy binary options

Price Action Squeeze and QQE RSI Strategy

They need to be able to decide in a matter of a few minutes or even just a few seconds. By having a preset decision making framework, the decisions are already made prior to the actual trade. This allows traders to execute automatically as the market presents opportunities.

One of the advantages of using an indicator based strategy is that this presetting of rules could be done easier compared to a non-indicator based strategy. Price action for example is very subjective and needs a skilled eye to assess the charts.

Having two lines oscillating allows for crossovers between the fast and the slow lines, which may be used as confirmation of a minor trend bias. This could be added as another filter for the trading rules. The chart below is an example of what a QQE indicator looks like. Using the EMA allows us to identify a somewhat long-term trend.

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This gives us an idea of the general trend for the day. However, these rules are just a prerequisite for us to enter a long trade.

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What we should be looking for is a crossover between the fast dashed line and the slow solid blue line QQE lines. This would be the trigger for us to enter the trade. In the picture below, you would see an example of the solid blue line crossing over the dashed line, with all the other rules satisfied.

To complete the setup, our stop losses should be placed just a few pips below the entry candle.

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Buy setups should look somewhat like the setups above. The entry candles are at the QQE crossover point and the stop losses are just a few pips below the entry candles.


We will be entering the sell trade as soon as the solid blue line crosses the dashed line going down. As for the stop loss, it would be just a few pips above the entry candle. For this reason, we will not be setting a target that is too high. A take profit would already be sufficient.

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However, since this is a trade already confirmed by the QQE indicator, the win rate ratio would be a little higher. No need to fret though, there is another way we could exit our trades and hopefully at a profit. We could use the QQE indicator qqe indicator strategy binary options an exit trigger.

Our exit trigger will be based on the curling back of the slower solid blue line QQE line. As soon as we notice the blue line curling against our trade, then we should close our trade. If it is a buy trade, then we should exit our trade if the solid blue line curls down.

If it is a sell trade, then we should exit our trade if the solid blue line curls up.

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Conclusion This type of strategy is a strategy that waits for a confirmation of the reversals prior to the entry. Notice how the entries on the sample trades above are just continuations of thrusts. These entries are not the actual reversals but are entries already confirmed by the QQE qqe indicator strategy binary options.

However, entering on a confirmed thrust lessens the risk of a fake reversal.

246# Trend Split Strategy

In fact, this type of strategy could be programmed into a computer algorithm. This will allow the trader to trade all opportunities presented by the market. With regards to the take profits, you may have three choices here.

One, is to use the risk-reward ratio.

The red down arrow indicates that sales should be considered, and the green one - up purchases. All that needs to be set up is the colors of the signal arrows, as well as the activation or deactivation of the sound signal when a signal appears in one direction or another. Enter the trade for at least 2 candles or at the next candle after the signal for 1 candle.

This is more conservative since the take profit targets are not that hard to hit. It is also sensible, since we are entering an already established thrust. Another option would be to use the QQE indicator as the exit trigger.

This allows the trader to gain more pips on big thrusts. However, its setback is that sometimes the QQE indicator may cause the trader to wait for price to reverse at a loss prior to exiting the trade. With that said, this type of exit strategy is more aggressive.

Lastly, the trader may use both types of exit with a volume. With this strategy, it is best to use a money management system that starts with small volumes then gradually increasing the position sizes as the winning streaks continue. A wise money management should be in place, given that the risk-reward ratio is not that high, especially when using the take profit target.

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Trade wisely! The essence of this forex system is to transform the accumulated history data and trading signals.

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QQE Indicator Based Scalping or Day Trading Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye. Based on this information, traders can assume further price movement and adjust this system accordingly.