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Information on income on the website

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For additional operational impacts, please click here. We serve those who live, work, and conduct business in Columbus in order to make sure that everyone pays their fair share.

information on income on the website

For the latest information, click here. Payment Plans and Assistance Taxpayers who are unable to pay their full tax balance may be eligible for assistance.

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For more information, click here. Filing Season Webinars The Division of Income Tax hosted a weekly webinar series to bring taxpayers and practitioners up to speed on operational updates ahead of the July 15 deadline.

information on income on the website

To view recorded webinars, click here. Click here for everything you need to file, including the Income Tax Division Newsletter, information on walk-in services, penalty and interest rates, refund information, and more. Easy File and Payment Portal Taxpayers can use our Easy File application to file Form IR please note that first-time filers must paper filemake outstanding liability payments, and make Civil Suit payments online.

information on income on the website

Learn more. For more details and resources, please click here. Features and Calendar Click here for features including address search, IRS resources, and a calendar of upcoming City tax deadlines.

Where to apply Introduction The main legal obligation when becoming self-employed is that you must register as a self-employed person with Revenue. You pay tax on the profits from your business and on any other income that you have. If you make a late payment of any taxes due by you, you will be charged interest from the due date to the date when your payment is received. Debt Warehousing It was announced in Budget that the tax debt warehousing scheme is extended to taxpayers who self-assess for income tax that are adversely impacted by Covid

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