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Kolb and Sharon M. However, there is something about it that resonates, because the purpose of vacation is defeated if we return to a backlog of emails, especially when many of the notes are old news or the requests are resolved.

A friend at a publishing house routed all of his emails during vacation directly to the trash, and then told senders to resend it if it was still important after he returned.

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He had three emails that first day back. Sometimes, all it takes is adding in one extra line to the standard OOO message to make it go from adequate to advantageous.

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Share the Meaning Share a meaningful piece of information that can be a conversation starter next time you speak to the person. Why are you taking time away from the office? What are you learning at a conference that will help you serve your clients better?

Here are two example emails that convey the meaning for being away.

Select text, table, or object. Clicking the middle mouse button pastes at the mouse pointer position. Pasting into another document No effect on the clipboard contents. The last marked selection is the content of the selection clipboard. Selection — Transparency Determines the appearance of selected text or graphics, which appear on a shaded background.

The first one option for a share in ooo one that my husband, Shawn Achor, actually used. In honor of such a momentous holiday, I will not be checking email until [date].

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If you need anything urgently, please contact my wonderful assistant Jenny at [email]. Hi, I am attending a conference with fellow healthcare account managers in Atlanta this week with the hopes of bringing back tools that will make business even better for my clients.

Why You Should Put a Little More Thought into Your Out-of-Office Message

I will have limited access to email during this time. If you need immediate assistance before Monday, please contact [colleague].

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These kinds of notes can be great conversation starters, as people back at the office ask you about the conference or your vacation and get to know you as a well-rounded human, rather than merely a coworker.

Offer a Resource Another option is to share a resource that will speak to your audience.

In Calc, many users can open the same spreadsheet for writing at the same time. Some menu commands are not available grayed out when change tracking or document sharing is activated.

Consider the people who email you most when selecting an appropriate resource. I look forward to responding to your email when I return on [date].

In the meantime, for our clients I wanted to share this article with you on tricks that can help you get the most from our CRM system. Using one of these hacks could save hours of your time.

If you need immediate assistance… Last summer, I used the following message for the first time and got an overwhelmingly positive response from people.

Most threatened to steal it! This calls for further research! If you need immediate assistance, please contact [my colleague.

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Michelle Customize Your Message Some email systems allow the sender to draft one note for internal people and a different note for those outside the organization. These simple functions can give you even more flexibility.

For instance, perhaps you want to share more personal information with your colleagues versus external senders. Here is an example: An external note could read: My husband and I just gave birth to our second child. Please reach out to [colleague] if you need more timely help in my absence.

I look forward to connecting when I return.

And please enjoy the pic of Baby Lucy and her big bro Cooper below. Looking forward to celebrating with all of you when I get back!

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As with most of what I write about, I experiment with these ideas in my own life. The response has been extremely positive.

I ended up having great conversations with contacts and clients about summer plans, marriage, and consciously savoring all those special moments with kids while they are still young.

The option for a share in ooo and improved OOO message did the trick. It gave me the much-needed chance to be fully present on vacation with my family, and the opportunity to connect more deeply with others upon return. These articles will help you plan for—and enjoy—your much-needed break. She is partnered with Arianna Huffington to research how transformative stories fuel success.

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