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Minimum Deposit: The minimum amount of money required to open a new online brokerage account. While most brokers do not require a minimum deposit to open a new account, some do.

Forex vs Stocks: Which one should you trade? October 22, UTC Reading time: 9 minutes Our guide on Forex vs Stocks will enable you to decide which is the better market for you to trade on.

Stock Trade Fee Flat : Flat fee trading means the broker charges a single rate no matter how many shares are purchased or what stock is purchased. This is the most common and what most brokerages use.

Most day trading brokers use this commission structure.

Margin Trading Fees

Broker Assisted Trade Fee: What transactions are better to start trading clients do not have access to the internet, or are trying to trade a specialty security, a broker assisted trade can be placed via phone to execute the order.

IVR trades allow clients to simply use their phone to place a trade without human assistance, whereas a broker assisted trade is placed by a licensed broker live. Mutual Fund Trade Fee: Mutual fund trades can be placed via phone or online, or either method depending on the broker.

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Alternatively, some online brokerages do not offer mutual fund trading at all. The commission charged to place a mutual fund trade depends first on the type of fund you are trading. No Transaction Fee NTF mutual funds do not charge a trade fee, for example, but can charge an early redemption fee if you sell the fund too quickly typically within 60 - 90 days.

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The online broker mutual fund trade costs listed below are the standard published rates listed by the brokers. These cover the majority of mutual funds including load and no-load funds. Other brokers, specifically day trading brokers, typically charge only a per contract fee and no base fee.

Options Trading Per Contract Fee: Most online brokers charge a base option fee and then a commission for each individual contract. Some brokers have multiple tiers or several different commission structures for options trading to give clients flexibility in their rates depending on how many contracts they trade. Options Trading Exercise Fee: Online brokers charge an exercise fee to clients who decide to exercise an option instead of closing the option itself.

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The term exercise is defined as, "Exercise is the term used when the owner of a call or put i. The term assignment is defined as, "Assignment is the term used when someone who is short a call or put is forced to sell in the case of the call or buy in the case of a put the stock.

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Remember, for every option trade there is a buyer and a seller, so if you are short an option, there is someone out there who is long that option and who could exercise.