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Module selection and registration | Faculty of Engineering | Imperial College London

Related videos You must define at least one registration option or program item for users to be able to register for your event. For example, you might choose to create several registrations to include different options for your members, students, vendors, staff members, guests, and presenters. Each registration option allows you to set a price and registration cut-off date.

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See Financial entity for more information. Enter the Early Cutoff date and Regular Cutoff date for the registration prices, if applicable. The dates entered are inclusive. For example, Early Options registration date is the last day for the early discount price. If you have entered a cutoff date, save the event before adding registration options.

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In the Options registration options section, select Add: Info tab Enter the general information for the registration option: Enter a Registration option name. Enter a Description, Start date and time, and End date and time, for the registration option. Enter the Capacity and enable Print tickets to allow tickets to be printed for registrants of this registration option. When enabled, a Print tickets button appears on the Dashboard for the event.

You can print tickets With badges or Without badges.

KEAM Option Registration 2020 – Register Online

If Registration not required is enabled, Print tickets will not display. Enter a Category, Track, and Sort sequence for the registration option.

You must take eight modules from the list in the module catalogue. You cannot take a module you have already taken in the third year. The module name and ECTS will be recorded on your transcript.

Select an Image to display for the registration option. There is no limit on size. Pricing tab Set the prices for the registration option. Click for details You can set both Default and Members price fields so that your members can enjoy the benefit of a reduced fee.

Defining event pricing and registration options

Note that the Default price you enter auto-fills the Members price. You can leave it to prevent any discounting, or override the price.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter KEAM Option Registration Candidates can register their options within the time schedule specified, using any computer having the internet facility. Candidates who do not have access to Internet facilities can use the facility provided free of cost, by the Government at various centers across the state.

When your members view an event, they will see only the appropriate fee. You can also set additional Pricing Groups for both registration options and program items. These pricing groups allow you to define a regular price, along with early and late pricing for specific groups.

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If you entered an Early Cutoff date for your event, the Early Price fields will be available. If you entered a Regular Cutoff date, Late Price fields will be available. Select options registration Income Account for each of the pricing groups, so that transactions related to the respective pricing group will be recorded to the specified GL account.

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Please note the following: If a pricing group's Income Account is set to Default, the income account for the registration option defined on the Accounting tab will be used. If the registration option's Income is defined as Default, the pricing group if also Default will use the system settings for Income.

This is defined in Financial Entities on the Default Accounts tab. Accounting tab Review the settings and make any required changes for the item.

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Accounting method - To override the default accounting method, select the desired method Accrual or Cash for this item. Tax category - The tax category specifies taxation rules for a general set of items. To override the default tax category setting, select a tax category for this options registration.

See To set up tax categories for more information. Tax schedule - The tax schedule consists of all tax authorities that apply to particular situation and the order in which taxes are calculated when more than one tax applies. The Tax Schedule should be set to None unless the schedule for this item will always be the same, regardless of the situation.

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Charitable item - Enable this option if you would like this registration option to be considered a gift. Note: Be sure to use a charitable financial entity for registration options that are considered gifts. Fair market value - Only registration options marked as charitable items can have a Fair market value.

This value defines the value of the benefit if any that a donor is receiving in exchange for purchasing the Charitable item with which the Fair market value is associated.

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Provide a Fair market value to include in a disclosure statement with receipts to help your registrants track options registration donations for tax purposes.

For event registrations, the tax-deductible amount is often calculated as the amount of the registration fee minus the Fair market value of any benefits that the registrant receives for their registration. Accounts receivable - From the drop-down, select an account. Income - Choose the GL account to assign to the registration option.

The Default option will use the system default account for events. Questions tab Click Add new to include Registration Option-specific questions: Type in your question.

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Select the checkbox if you would like to indicate that an answer to the question is Required. Note: The Required checkbox is not available for questions that are part of events or functions for which the registration type is not Fee required. Select the answer type from the drop-down. Numeric integer — The registrant can enter only whole numbers positive or negative.

Module selection and registration

Numeric decimal — Registrant can enter any number with up to 4 decimal places. If more are entered, they will be truncated options registration the fourth place not rounded. Multi-line text — The registrant can enter lengthy answers in a multiple-line text box. Single-line Text — The registrant can enter an answer of only one line in a text box.

Dropdown list — Options registration registrant can select one of several listed options. Event organizers configure drop-down lists either explicitly, defining each option manually, or by query, defining a static group of list options for an individual question through a pre-arranged query.

Upon the completion of the form OP-1 online your information will be made public and you may receive telephone calls from outside service providers that are neither authorized nor sanctioned by FMCSA.

The Display Value field determines the text seen by registrants. The Data Value field is only used in the database. For example, if you chose to display long sentence answers to registrants, the Data Value field would enable you to record abbreviated versions of those options in the database. Click Save. To adjust an existing question, select a row and click Edit selected. To hide a question from registrants, select the Hidden checkbox in the Questions configuration area.

To options registration the presentation order of your questions, click the up and down arrows on the questions tab. The modifications made to questions determine the content viewed by registrants options registration they have selected a Registration option.

If a system administrator makes changes to questions while a registrant is completing a question, it is possible that options registration the question or the registrant response will be lost. Ensure that your changes and updates are conducted at a time that few people will be registering.

You can also enable Register by default? To define program items, see Adding program items to an event. If needed, you option premium step define additional registration options so that registrants can choose between different options.

In order for responses to each group of questions to be saved, registrants must select Save Response before checking out.