On Making Money with Python and Data Science — 1: Setup and Statistics

How to make money from statistics

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to the closing of vast swathes of industry meaning that many business owners are unable to trade and employees are being laid off or furloughed in large numbers.

Here are 100+ Ways to Make Money Online

In the US, 3. I have found myself in a period of vast personal economic uncertainty, in a world where fewer companies are hiring, and many businesses are facing collapse.

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I have found myself in a period of vast personal economic uncertainty, in a world where fewer companies are hiring, and many businesses are facing collapse Over the last few weeks, I have been looking at ways to independently use my skills to create an additional income source that may, at least partially, provide some financial security for the future. In the following article, I how to make money from statistics going to share three key areas I have found to use my data skills online to create an additional income.

The added benefit of earning income in this way right now is that you can choose your hours to work around other commitments.

20 Ways to Make Money Online

This is especially helpful if, like me, you are also a parent whose children are currently unable to attend their school or another childcare setting. Online Courses If you have been working in the field of data then you have valuable skills and knowledge that others can learn from.

There are many online platforms which allow anyone with the appropriate skills and experience to create and market online courses and earn an income. Datacamp has a network of instructors which you can apply to join.

2. Empowering the sales force with data

They state that they currently have an audience of over 5. I am currently in the application stages to become an instructor here and I will update this article with actual earnings data if I am successful.

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One of these is Pluralsight. This course platform recruits data experts to create video-based, written or hands-on educational material.

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Similarly to Datacamp, payment is based on royalties which are linked to the number of views that your content has achieved and the volume of paying subscribers the platform has. This excellent article by Troy Hunt gives some insight into working for Pluralsight including some information on earning potential. There are a huge number of other places where you can publish online course content and earn money.

These include course platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare.

What platforms are we using?

You might also consider publishing a series of tutorials on a social media platform such as Youtube where you could earn money from paid advertising. Blogging I have been blogging and earning a modest additional income through the Medium Partner Program for the past year and a half.

As far as blogging platforms go Medium is probably the easiest to get started with and earn money from. An alternative to Medium is to host your own blog as a standalone website.

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Wordpress is a great platform for this. You can start a blog for free or you can pay for premium features such as a unique domain name and more storage.

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If you can get enough traffic to your blog there are a variety of ways to earn money including Google Adsense and affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates. Freelance work The final areas I will talk about in this article are freelance agencies and websites.

There are a number of platforms online where you can offer your skills, experience and services in return for payment.

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Upwork is probably one of the most popular sites. Here you can create your profile and apply for freelance jobs.

How to Make Money

A quick search for data-related jobs advertised right now reveal 16, results. Hopefully, this article has given you a good starting point to find ways to use your data skills online to earn supplementary income. However, as various business sectors eventually begin to open back up I am confident that if you have created some foundations in these areas that you will see your earnings grow.

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The key, I believe, is how to make money from statistics choose an area of focus, create consistently and build a profile for the future. Thanks for reading!