Erko trading, Company founded in


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    The awareness of team, responsibility, focus on cooperation, ethics and law have been fundamental values of ERKO for over 30 years. These erko trading help ERKO build long lasting, friendly relations with customers and lead to market success. Company constantly increase quality of products and services, also expanding its activities according to the philosophy of steady and stable development, achieved by improvement of employees qualifications.

    Erko trading that ERKO assures the highest quality at the stage of design, technology, production, trade and services. QUALITY POLICY Bearing in mind that whether or not a company is successful largely depends on meeting customer needs and expectations, the Board of Directors has assumed the primary objective to be manufacturing products that would be competitive on the market as well as meet the needs and expectations of customers, while at the same time respecting the requirements of environmental protection.

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    Implemented, maintained and constantly improved Integrated Management System, compliant with ISO and ISO is the guarantee of the quality and environmental policy. ERKO holds an "innovation leader" title.

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    In the company has been certified AS and began producing parts for aircraft engines. These last partners are the best proof of the professionalism and reliability that ERKO guarantees for all its products.

    While developing production of sheet erko trading, ERKO improved the production of tooling, which designed and manufactured for the production.

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    The turning point was building of new production hall and gaining AS certificate in Investment in machinery enabled ERKO to extend the activity to mechanical working.

    At present ERKO manufacture tooling as well as aviation parts by plastic forming and machining. About us.

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