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Yurchenko, Sergei N. Ab initio potential caos snal in binary options, spin-orbit, and electronic angular momentum curves were refined by fitting to the experimental frequencies and experimentally derived energies available in the literature. Using our refined model we could 1 reassign the vibronic states for a large portion of the experimentally derived energies van Groenendael A.

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We used high level ab initio electric dipole moments reported previously Khalil H. Our work is the first fully coupled description of this system. Our line list is the most complete catalogue of spectroscopic transitions available for 40Ca16O and is applicable for temperatures up to at least K.

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CaO has yet to be observed astronomically but its transitions are characterized by being particularly strong which should facilitate its detection. The CaO line list is made available in an electronic form as supplementary data to this article and at www.

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Nanometer- to micrometer-size particles present in the upper stratosphere are a mixture of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial origins. They can be extraterrestrial particles condensed after meteor ablation.

Berezhnoy, A. The required vibronic Einstein emission coefficients were estimated by means of the experimental radiative lifetimes under the simplest Franck-Condon approximation. A moderate agreement was achieved, and the largest uncertainties come from modeling shape of FeO orange bands. The obtained CaO content is in a good agreement with the quenching model developed for the impact-produced cloud, although future theoretical and experimental studies of both CaO and FeO orange systems contribution would be needed to confirm these results.

Meteoric dust in bolides is occasionally deposited into the lower stratosphere around 20 km altitude. Nanometer CaO and pure carbon smoke particles were collected at 38 km altitude in the upper stratosphere in the Arctic during June using DUSTER Dust in the Upper Stratosphere Tracking Experiment and Retrievalwhere to earn one bitcoin balloon-borne instrument for the non-destructive collection of solid particles between nm to 40 microns.

Their morphologies show evidence of melting and condensation after vaporization suggest at temperatures of approximately K.

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For the first time, DUSTER collected meteor ablation products that were presumably associated with the disintegration of a bolide crossing the Earth's atmosphere. The collected mostly CaO and pure carbon nanoparticles from the debris cloud of a fireball, included: 1 intact fragments; 2 quenched melted grains; and 3 vapor phase condensation products.

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CNES graciously provided this flight opportunity. We thank E.

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Zona and S. We thank three anonymous reviewers who assisted us in introducing our new instrument.