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Range binary options trading


    Finance Magnates Telegram Channel Binary options come in different shapes and sizes.

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    There are four main types, and in this first article we will look at Digital and Range options — what their main features are and when the market conditions are most favorable for using them. Various expiry periods are available here, but the most typical are hourly options.

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    As they have the largest number of traders, binary brokers are motivated to offer the largest payouts for them. They are traded throughout market hours, but it can be said that major events attract more attention, as the movements then are more pronounced and perceived as easier to analyze and predict.

    Here there are two price levels at equal distances to the current price.

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    In this option type, winning is achieved if and when the price remains within the upper and lower boundaries. There are two varieties of these options in terms of how the price behaves during the duration of the option.

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    Some brokers opt for the more trader-friendly types where the range binary options trading can go out of the preset range without it triggering a loss. Here the importance is placed on where the price is AT the expiry time, not before it reaches it.

    Other brokers take the more strict approach and count the trade as a loss for users if it as much touches the range barriers.

    As this is a vital difference, we advise anyone who is trading them to research what their broker is offering, as this influences strategies and may make the difference between a win and a loss. Most enter them when a resistance or support level has been reached and the bounce in the opposite direction starts.

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