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    Click Insider report in the top navigation bar The Introduction to insider report activities Form F2 screen opens 2 Click File insider report in the left navigation bar The Select issuer screen opens Click the radio button beside an issuer in the list to select it Note: To view issuer information click on the magnifying glass under Issuer Information.

    The issuer can instead sell portions of the issue over a three-year period without re-registering the security or incurring penalties. This lets a company adjust the timing of the sales of a new issue to take advantage of more favorable market conditions should they arise in the future. The option issuer form maintains any unissued shares as treasury stock, where they remain "on the shelf" until offered for public sale.

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    The primary advantages of a shelf registration statement are timing and certainty. For example, suppose the housing market is heading toward a dramatic decline.

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    In this case, it may not be a good time for a home builder to come out with its second offering, as many investors will be pessimistic about companies in that sector. If a company has a long term new security issuing plan, the process of shelf registration allows it to address multiple issues of a particular security within a single registration statement.

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    This can be simpler to create and manage, since multiple filings are not required, lowering administrative costs for the business as a whole. Further, no maintenance requirements exist beyond standard reporting, because shelf registrations do not create an additional burden while they are waiting for issue.

    Even though the risk of share dilution was present, the market responded to the favorable news regarding the pending technological advancement.

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