Call and Put Options Defined

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    However, this is not a complete risk analysis, and in reality, short options trades have no more risk than individual stock options are and actually have less risk than buy and hold stock trades.

    Options Premium When a trader buys an options contract either a Call or a Putthey have the rights given by the contract, and for these rights, they pay an upfront fee to the trader selling the options contract.

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    This fee is called the options premium, which varies from one options market to another, and also within the same options market depending upon when the premium is calculated. If an option is at the money, or out of the money, its premium will not have any additional value because the options are not yet in profit.

    The more time that an option has before its expiration date, the more time there is available for the option to come into profit, so its premium will have additional time value.

    Share this article on email opens new window Options are essentially contracts between two parties that give holders the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a certain price within a specific amount of time. An option's value is tied to the options are asset, which could be stocks, bonds, currency, interest rates, market indices, exchange-traded funds ETFs or futures contracts. Options are securities themselves, like a stock or bond, and because they derive their value from something else, they're called derivatives. There are two main types of options contracts: calls and puts. Owning a call gives you the right to buy the underlying asset; owning a put gives you the right to sell that underlying asset.

    Conversely, if an options market is not volatile i. An options market's volatility is calculated using its long-term price range, its recent price range, and its expected price range before its expiration date, using options are volatility pricing models.

    If the market then moves in the desired direction, the options contract will come into profit in the money.

    There are two different ways that an in the money option can be turned into realized profit. The second way to exit a trade is to exercise the option and take delivery of the underlying futures contract, which can then be sold to realize the profit.

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    The preferred way to exit a trade is to sell the contract, as this is easier than exercising, and in theory is more profitable, because the option may still have some remaining time value.